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Canon or fanfic

When I did the various 'Five Questions' meme, one of the questions londonronnie asked me was: If you had to choose between watching your main fandom show or writing fanfic based on it, what would be your choice and why?

My answer, after consideration was I'd choose writing fanfic, because as much as I love seeing the show as a whole and watching my pairing(s) interact, I just love writing Gibbs/Ducky (and Abby/McGee) so much. In fact I love writing NCIS fanfic full-stop, all the characters have something, and it's lovely to be able to put them into stories, etc. And on top of all that, I just enjoy writing so much; it's very important to me, and helps me keep a degree of sanity and my life would not be so full without writing. So writing it is.

Ronnie said that she wouldn't know how to answer, in fact she probably wouldn't be able to choose.

This got me thinking, as I often do, as to whether people in fandom generally could answer the question. To those ends I'm going to do a short poll (Ronnie was kind enough to say I could use her question and do the poll). I am also extending to cover both writing fanfic and reading it.

I appreciate that not everyone is into TV/Film fandoms (i.e. what you can watch) so have expanded the question to include book based fandoms (reading) and also bandom (listening). I hope that's covered all bases - but if I have inadvertently missed one out it should be clear by the use of 'canon'. Also I appreciate that you might have more than one fandom you consider to be your 'main' or indeed you don't have a 'main' fandom or only have one fandom, but again I hope 'canon' covers it all.

Also of course I know not everyone both writes and read fanfic, so just answer which question(s) applies to you.

This is 'gun at head' time, so there are only two options and no ticky boxes (Nikki can be cruel *g*)

By all means please feel free to expand on why you've chosen what you have chosen in comments, but equally don't feel you have to. This really is just a 'quick and dirty' poll (but as you know, I never turn down the chance to talk about fandom).

Poll #1227067 Canon or fanfic

If you had to choose between watching/reading/listening to your main fandom(s) canon or writing fanfic based on it, what you choose?

Watching/Reading/Listening to Canon
Writing Fanfic

If you had to choose between watching/reading/listening to your main fandom(s) canon or reading fanfic based on it, what you choose?

Watching/Reading/Listening to Canon
Reading Fanfic

Goes back to ncis_bigbang story.

ETA 1: Obviously the end of the question should read 'what would you choose'? not just 'what you choose' - but I spotted it too late and you can't edit polls.

ETA 2: As more than one person has said, their habits might well vary between fandoms (and mine might well do the same). However, remember the poll is aimed at your 'main' fandom (or fandoms if you have more than one you consider to be of equal 'importance').

ETA 3: Remember, you can't have it all - as much as you want to. It is 'gun at head' time. I like it all too, watching canon, writing fanfic, reading fanfic, but if push came to shove (as this poll is asking) and I had to choose, I could do so.
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