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Men's Final - the conclusion

And so it's finally over for the year.

And enjoyed it, which is saying something.


Two for two.

What a truly brilliant match - even better than last year, which is saying something.

I know I've said all along that I wanted Nadal to win, and yes, my heart still wanted him to. But seriously by the time we got into the fifth set I honestly didn't mind. No one deserved to lose; they were both, in my mind, winners.



Absolutely first rate. A final to really remember.

And they were both so nice, so complimentary, so gentlemanly about one another - and their embrace and Federer's whole attitude a zillion times better than Serena's.

Well done Nadal!

But also well done Federer.

A brilliant end to two great weeks.

'Normality' resumes tomorrow (for which I know J will be pleased).

I'm exhausted, and I was only watching.

Thank you to both of you.

Go Rafa!!!!!
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