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Men's Final (thus far) and Doctor Who

Behind cuts as contain spoilers (if a tennis match can be said to have spoilers *g*)



I know I've called Nadal from the beginning of the tournament, but I did not expect him to be two sets to love up. His shot making is awesome and audacious at times; he's totally running Federer ragged - at times he's making him look almost pedestrian. And Federer really does not seem to have anything left to throw at him - his best shots are coming back with interest. It's not that Federer is playing a bad match, he isn't, well except for on break points, it's just that thus far Nadal is playing a better one. Federer though is out of sorts, he's very un-Federer-like.

But, this is the Federer I've seen all tournament; yes, he's won easily, but I've sat here more than once and said to J 'Federer is out of sorts'; he's edgy, he's just not the man we are used to seeing. I think that, despite all his words, the French Open did really, really shake him, add to that Nadal winning the Stella Artois and I think he came into Wimbledon with a different mind-set than usual. He has definitely been edgy and 'different' all Wimbledon - maybe he came back to the game too soon after his bout of Glandular Fever.

Now I'm not saying he can't pull it off, that he can't turn it round - but I think a lot is going to rest on Nadal's knee and how badly the injury will affect him, the rain break might well have done him more harm than good. And the only time Nadal has met a five set match from two sets to love up was to . . . Roger Federer. So it's not in the bag, but I'm still sticking with Nadal (and we'll see tomorrow, as I'll be turning my computer off now, how right or wrong I am - always assuming the match gets finished today!

Ooh, we're about to re-start.

- I knew the Doctor wouldn't regenerate and I knew it had to have something to do with the hand, as we were shown it a couple of times, very clearly in the penultimate episode. I hadn't guessed how it was going to happen though!

- I've been saying for several weeks now that Donna would die; we had so many hints. So her not dying was a surprise - but in many ways this was worse than death, at least for her grandfather and probably for the Doctor too. Given that I really was dreading Donna taking over as companion, I hadn't cared for her in the Christmas special, I grew to like her immensely and am really sorry she is not going to be around any longer.

- Once Rose reappeared I wondered how they were going to resolve that one, because of course she'd want to stay with the Doctor. I didn't think we'd get her back as his companion, as that would be going backwards, so I did wonder if they were going to kill her off in a heroic way. That or she would have to return to the alternate universe to re-balance things and once again she and the Doctor would be apart. So the resolution to that was a real surprise. The romantic in me loved the idea that Ten/Rose were together, as they were in love; the cynic in me thinks it was rather trite. But the romantic does have the edge, I'm glad they are going to be together. Awww.

- In both parts when I saw the huge cast and all the 'stars' I did wonder if it was going to be over-done and bitty, but I was pleased that it was neither - it was very good writing indeed. It was lovely to see the whole 'gang' pulling together and saving the world. I wasn't sure it would work, but it certainly did. They were all really good.

- I actually thought last week's episode was a little stronger than this week's and I do feel a re-watch is called for as so much happened.

- I was very surprised that no one died (the ex-Prime Minister aside). I had really been expecting someone to.

- So the Doctor is alone, once again. It'll be interesting to see what happens and where the three specials take us. I'm going to miss a series next year and I really do envy those people who will be able to see DT play Hamlet (I'm really sorry nina_ds but I have grown to love Ten; I didn't think I would, but I just think he's wonderful). I think he is going to make a wonderful Hamlet and I do hope he'll stay as the Doctor for a while yet (again, sorry, Nina).

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