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So my jinx continues.

I think I'm a 'dangerous' viewer for my 'favourite players' as yet again one of 'my' players - Jelena Jankovic - has plummeted out.

It wasn't even a good match, she didn't play well and was outplayed from the beginning. Mind you why on earth they put the women's #02 seed (the highest seed left, at that point) in the women's side on Court 18, I know not *sigh*

So it looks as though the thing I always dread is going to happen: a Wiliams's sisters final. I really do hope not.

*Ponders about the 'safety' of me watching Rafa and Murray's matches this afternoon*

*Goes back to watching Hewitt vs. Federer.

ETA 5:41 Yes! No jinx for match two of three. Now for Murray.

ETA 9:30 Wow!!!!! Two sets and 5:4 down and he pulled it off.

So we do get Nadal vs. Murray *gulp*
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