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First post from Jethro

So finally Jethro is up, running, all programs installed and all data copied across and I'm finally using him.

The keyboard is great - very nice to touch and use.

The touch pad is not quite as nice as my 'dying' laptop but better than my other laptop - I think I'll get used to that fairly easily.

The wide screen is . . . Ummm . . . Weird, I guess would be one word for it. I'm sure (okay I hope) I'll get used to it, but for now it's very odd indeed and more than a little 'uncomfortable' to view.

Also I'm playing with the resolution as the top one, which is clearly the one meant to be used as it's the one where things don't look fuzzy is a tad too high for me. So I shall continue to play with that and see what I can achieve.

I did also rename my other computers, so now have a 'Ducky' (PC) and 'Tobias' (other laptop) and one of the other PCs we have is now 'Timothy' (I couldn't use 'McGee' as it showed in Network places at Mcgee - and I didn't like that and J objected to 'Timmy' *g* so Timothy it is).

That's it really. No point whatsoever to his post, other than to post from Jethro for the first time.
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