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LJ Interests Meme

sageharper had the following interests meme on her LJ:

Simply comment if you want to be included. I'll list seven of your interests from your profile page in a reply. Then you write a post about what they mean and why you are interested in them.

I decided to play.

Behind the cut are the interests Sage picked and my ramble about them.

I am more keen on the soft toy variety than the live ones - at least up close, I wouldn't really want to meet an actual live bear. I have quite a collection of teddy bears, but oddly enough am not really drawn to the Boyd's Bear and other well known brands; they never seem as 'real' to me as the ones I love. It's the shape of bears that's one of the big attractions, they just look round and soft and cuddly and friendly and very attractive.

Country Music
It's always been a genre of music I enjoy. Father, in particular, was fond of it, so it was often played as I was growing up and I got interested in it. I like the 'stories' that the songs tell and the emotion as well as the power some of the singers have. I tend to prefer the 'older' songs/singers/music, the Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, Glen Campbell, Willy Nelson, Kenny Rogers, etc. than the more modern artists. Although I have far more compilation CDs than single artist ones.

My favourite modern day classic composer. I first came across his music on a compilation CD, and then again on Classic FM and there was something about it that just captivated me and made me want to hear more. I now have all his CDs. It's fair to say that to an extent a lot of his compositions have a similar air about them, but having said that they are also all different as well. I can't imagine he's ever going to be remembered as one of the really great classical composers, not in the same league as Mozart, but his compositions are easy to listen to, evocative and pleasant.

My Due South OTP (Benton Fraser/Raymond Vecchio). They were my third pairing and I was tempted into the fandom by solo (whom I first met in Starsky & Hutch fandom). Solo, however, was into the other main pairing (Fraser/Kowalski) so my introduction started with S3/4, where Ray Vecchio appears for about half a minute in the opening episode and then appears again in the final double episode. However, those thirty seconds, a phone call, was enough to make me think 'wow, this is so slashy' and I thought I saw what Solo meant (I hadn't got to grips with the whole names, etc. at that point). So I was more than a little disappointed and confused to find that this person didn't appear again in her pimping episodes. But I was smitten and hooked, so she kindly provided some S1&2 and as seeing Ray and Benny together pushed my slash buttons - close friendship, being one of them - and I had another pairing. Like all my other pairings they have slipped more into the background these days, due to my beloved Gibbs/Ducky. However, I still really love Fraser/Vecchio and barely a day goes past when I don't either read a story and/or have a short, medium, long discussion or even just the odd comment with my good friend aingeal8c, who loves Due South and Fraser/Vecchio as much as I love NCIS and Gibbs/Ducky.

Media Theory
My Masters Degree is in Popular Culture and as such that involved looking at the history of various media forms and their effect on the past and on today and it's a subject I touched on in my first degree as well and something I've always had a passing interest in. My Masters dissertation was specifically on Media fandom as since getting into fandom I'd always been interested in fandom as a whole as well as individual fandoms and my personal involvement.

It's my favourite astral body. It has a haunting, calming, almost aloof quality that I find fascinating. I've always liked the moon and as a child was endless intrigued by the way it changed size and shape on a regular basis. Other than that I don't really know why I like it so much, I just do. I'm not interested in any depth from the moon landings, etc. just as this distant body that gives us light in the dark.

Zines are books and I love books. As much as I enjoy web based fanfic and there is a lot of tremendous stuff around, there is nothing quite like holding bound paper in your hands - at least not for me. My first fandom (Starsky & Hutch) was, at least then, a zine dominated fandom, ditto my second (The Professionals), so one could say I was 'bought up on zines'. I'm sad that they are becoming a ailing, if not dying, species; I can understand it, but I think it's sad. I would like to think there will always be zines around, but I know that sales are falling more and more because people don't want to pay for what they see as only a small amount of stories where there is so much more available for the same cost (because the web isn't free, the cost of the Internet just tends to get swallowed up in 'normal' household expenses). But to my mind, you can't beat holding a zine. And I'm not saying all zines are superior to web fiction, not at all. I've read some poor zine stories, ditto I've read poor web based. stories, and in reverse I've read some wonderful zine stories and ditto wonderful web based stories. I just like the printed word to hold.

If you wish to 'play' please say so in comments.
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