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Stunned - doubly so

As anyone who knows me will know decision making does not come easily; I don't tend to make snap decisions (in fact I'm not a huge fan of making them at all - fence sitting and I go hand in hand).

Stun #01

Thus, I surprised myself yesterday when I stopped procrastinating, umming and arrring and made a decision about the laptop. I came to the conclusion that if I didn't, I'd be here in six months time saying 'what should I do'.

After much reading reviews and comments made about various makes by my dear flist - thank you for your comments, as I said at the time the 'bad' is as useful as the 'good' - I decided to go for the Samsung X65 A003. I decided that it was the best value for money and seemed to have the best spec for what I wanted. It was a close run thing with the Leonova Thinkpad T61. But in the end the Samsung won out - there was something about it that grabbed me from the first moment I saw it.

Therefore yesterday I ordered it.

Stun #02

The doorbell rang this morning when J was out with Lacey and I went to answer it. There stood a man with a box in his hands which he put inside and I duly signed for it. I thought it was for our neighbour, as we get a lot of parcels for him or J who was expecting something. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the name - it was mine! For a moment I wondered what I'd ordered *blush*. Then I realised - my laptop had arrived!

Yes. The laptop I ordered yesterday arrived today. I was utterly stunned.

It (or I should say 'he' as I think I'm going to call it 'Jethro' rather than a boring name, which is the 'norm' for us) is sitting on the dining room table, 'settling' and 'warming up'. It looks very nice, the keyboard feels 'right' as does the touch pad - all in all it's very nice and shiny.

Hence a doubly-stunned Nikki.
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