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And another one

I've finished another fanfic challenge - fic_cd_mix (Gibbs/Ducky) a 12 story songfic challenge.

Gibbs/Ducky Fic CD Mix Table


First story posted: 18th April 2007
Last story posted: 11th June 2008

Word counts:

Total # of words: 29,543 words
Longest story: Wisdom Of The Ages (5,280 words)
Shortest story: You Raise Me Up (1,022 words)
Average story length: 2,462 words

Story ratings:

PG = Two stories
PG-13 = Eight stories
R = Two stories
Tags: fandom: ncis, fanfic challenge: fic_cd_mix, fanfic challenges, fanfic challenges: completed, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky

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