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Credit Cards - If you've ever used Cotton Traders please read

Some of you may recall me bemoaning the fact that I have had three Credit Cards hacked in the last few months - and naturally I was getting paranoid about it.

Some of you also may recall I had my suspicions as to the 'culprits' - a company where I had, over the last couple of years used all three credit cards - Cotton Traders.

The 'good' news is I was correct. Last night on Ceefax there was a report that the website of Cotton Traders had been hacked in January and up to 38,000 customers' card details were stolen.

Yes, January! Did they tell their customers? No. Although according to Ceefax and this report from BBC New on-line, Barclaycard were contacted at the time and they stopped their cards.

So if you have ever used Cotton Traders, I suggest you apply to your Bank for a new credit card and tell them about the incident. Also according to the report addresses were stolen.

It confirms my suspicions, so at least I feel happier because I know where my cards were hacked. However, I must say the fact that Cotton Traders did nothing to tell warn their customers makes me more than a tad peeved.
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