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XP Pro Laptops do still exist!

After some more digging this morning I can say with certainty that you can still buy new laptops with XP on it in the UK - and not just from Dell.

I thought I'd just share the links in case anyone else is interested. a list (from high to low) of laptops that come with XP Pro (I also selected Wireless installed, but left all other options blank).

Laptops Direct - this only shows three, but when I was searching for a particular laptop that was available elsewhere with XP Pro (to compare prices) it showed it coming with XP Pro. This site was recommended by both adriannacoylho and aingeal8c.

More Computers - if you select XP Pro from the operating system and nothing else you get a choice of 26 laptops.

DigiUK - put XP Pro in the search box for list.

Dell - you can choose whether you want Vista or XP Pro here. However, this is the small business section of Dell - from what I can see you can't have XP Pro on a home computer. I'm not quite sure if that means you have to be a business to be able to buy or not.

More research ahead!


These are my top possibles thus far - does anyone know anything about them, please? Either good or bad - i.e 'love the make' or 'don't touch them with a barge pole'. (The top two are the real favourites).

Samsung X65 A003

Lenovo Think Pad T61

Compaq HP 6710b

Acer TravelMate 4282

Acer TravelMate 7520
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