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I am looking to replace my main laptop. (Yes, I have two and a PC but given my disability and lack of being able to move said laptop by myself, it's really an essential not a luxury as it allows me independence to use my laptops in the sitting room and my bedroom depending on how I'm feeling).

My main laptop has been showing serious signs of ailing for some time now. It's a lottery as to whether it'll actually crash on start-up, it hangs more often than the 'norm' and it gets extremely hot - I can't have it on my knee so it's on a table that fits under/over my reclining chair, but I can still feel the heat through it, plus my wrist gets unbearably hot. And yes, we do clean it out of fluff regularly, we have done the re-installation (more than once) and the problems aren't virus related.

After months (even close to a year) of umming and arring, I have made the decision that the time has come to replace it. However there in lies the problem - what to go for? Or more importantly how to find something that really fits what I want.


  • Ideally I don't want wide screen - but I suspect that is not going to happen.

  • Ideally I'd like it to come with XP Pros - but I've accepted the first thing we'll do when we get it is to reformat the HD and put XP on it.

  • Screen resolution seems to be my biggest issue:

    My current main laptop is 1400x1050 (which is perfect). Whereas my other laptop is a mere 1024x768 (which really does not suit me - I do not like it, you simply can't get enough on the screen. Both laptops are 15.1" and both came from MESH.

    So I really do want something that's better than the 1024x768. Unfortunately that seems to pretty much be the 'norm' for 15.1" screens, so I guess I'll have to go to 17".

  • Keyboard-wise:

    It needs to have a proper size keyboard (excluding the number keys - which I'm really not bothered about, I don't need them, and to be honest seeing how they seem to unblance the position of the touch pad I'd rather not have one, but if they have to be there, then so be it) with a proper size space bar, not these teeny ones where you can only get one thumb on, if that. I'm a touch typist so my thumbs automatically sit on the space bar.

    Also the Enter key should, ideally, be the 'norm' of double height (it takes up two rows of keys).

    J's laptop (which he kindly bought from me a year or so ago when I realised I'd made a big mistake a Toshiba Tetra has a teeny space bar and only a single row enter key - it doesn't really matter to him as he's a two finger typist).

  • Touch pad:

    It also needs to have a touch-pad not one of those 'toggle things' you push and quite a firm, sleek, light touch one. Again, my main laptop has a really good one. However, my other laptop is almost more 'bouncy' and sticky and not that easy to use (and I have played with the settings to no avail) it almost drags.

  • Chip:

    Needs to be cool, i.e. not overheat and up to the power of the laptop. I believe (but I maybe wrong) that Centrino are generally cooler, but . . .

    I multi-task a lot, i.e. have email, web, Word, Semagic and even a graphics program open at once. That's maybe exaggerating, but I do tend to have at least three programs open, i.e. my email and web are always open and others as and when I am using them.

  • Other wants (most of which I would guess are pretty much standard today):

  • Min 1GB RAM
  • Min 80 GB H/D
  • Decent graphics card
  • Sound card
  • Wireless connection
  • CD/DVD ( /-) Drive
  • Hot keys

    I don't care about the weight, as I said I don't have it on my knee so being light and transportable doesn't matter. Nor am I bothered about colour or style or anything like that. And I can't say I have a particular make in mind - my PC and both laptops are MESH and I've always been happy with them, but I'm open to anything.

    I don't care about a web cam - I have them on my laptops, but never use them, nor would I. I don't need to attach anything to it, so the standard connections are fine.

    I'm not going to say 'price isn't an issue' as that's not true. However, I'd rather pay a bit more if I could get what I wanted - and I know as with everything I'll have to compromise (and I suspect that will most likely be the wide screen and XP issues).

    I am looking for something that is going to last, not something that I'm going to have to replace next year. The laptop I'm looking to replace was a 'desk top replacement' when I bought it, so whilst I'm not looking for 'bells and whistles', I am looking for a good laptop with some power.

    I've looked around various sites of computer sellers, and have done quite a lot of research, and have found some possibles. However, I thought I'd ask my wonderful flist if you had any suggestions, recommendations, etc., please.

    Thank you in advance.
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