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Oh, look another one of these things.

As seen on solo's LJ.

Not unexpectedly, I am: My personality type: the good-natured realist

Although I must say that I had some problems deciding between the two groups of words for one of these as I wanted to 'mix and match' certain bits from both blocks. It was the 'sensitive' and 'intuitive' one - in the end I had to go with the most block whereby I agreed with more of the sentences than in the other one as it was 6:4.

As it was so close I thought I'd see what I got if I went with the four rather than the six I got: My personality type: the harmony-seeking idealist. Take the free iPersonic personality test!

There were, as I would guess is fairly normal, a couple of sentences at least one of the other blocks whereby I didn't agree, but overall the other three blocks were either fully one block' or one, two at the most sentences that didn't quite fit.

To take the test go here.
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