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Drabble Day - Not Alone

Written for: Drabble Day on the_safehouse

Title: Not Alone
Author: Darby Brennan
Format: Double Drabble
Genre: Slash
Warnings: None
Summary: My line was I see you alone, surrounded by enemies. And it breaks my heart. - Whistler, Blade Trinity
Disclaimer: I don't own Bodie, Doyle, Cowley, CI5 or anything related to them. Nor am I making any profits from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.

I see you alone, surrounded by enemies. And it breaks my heart. And yet I know you are a fighter, a survivor, you take on and defeat the odds. It’s just one of things I love about you.

Despite my knowledge of your abilities, or maybe because of it, my urge to protect you, to rush in, nearly overwhelms me. But I must hold my ground, keep a lid on my instinct and wait.

Wait until the moment.

The instant they believe you are truly defeated.

Then I’ll make my move and arrive with the seventh cavalry.

Watching is harder than doing; we both know that. Waiting an eternity.


“Ray!” I yell. You drop to the ground. Eight guns bark simultaneously.

The air is hazy with smoke; I can barely see you through it. I grip my gun more tightly and hold my breath, refusing to contemplate a stray bullet.

Seconds later as silence louder than the gunfire is heard, the haze begins to clear. You lift your head. That cheeky grin together with your love, is clear for all to see. I remember how to breathe.

You are still surrounded by enemies, but now you are not alone.

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