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Fiction. When Blood Stops Flowing

I wrote this on the same day as I came up with my latest NCIS theory, and finally got to put the final tweaks to it today. I wanted to get it posted before tonight's episode aired.

TITLE: When Blood Stops Flowing
AUTHOR: Ashleigh Anpilova
PAIRING: Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard
CHARACTERS: Gibbs, Ducky
GENRE: Slash
SUMMARY: Set during Judgment Day (which at the time of writing had of course not been aired). Gibbs faces the consequence of his lack of action.
WARNINGS: Major character death (or maybe not).
SPOILERS: Judgment Day insofar as it quotes a line and uses information from SpoilerFix. Also Internal Affairs.
AUTHOR'S NOTE 1: Written for ncis_flashfic 'Blood' Challenge.
AUTHOR'S NOTE 2: This is partly based on my most recent theory pertaining to the various spoilers for the end of Season.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.

( When Blood Stops Flowing )
Tags: fandom: ncis, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky

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