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The Longest Day

It's the longest day today - yippee. I'm so delighted.

Okay, why you may be wondering.

Well.... It's like this: from now on, the nights start to draw in and get darker - bliss :-) No, I'm really not weird, (okay, yes, I am). I am just not a summer person. I hate the heat, and the sun and I aren't on the best of terms either (fair skin + skin is not a good combination). Plus I like nothing more than closing all the blinds and curtains, putting the lights on and snuggling up ::bliss::

I'm not sure what the opposite of SAD is (if there even is one), but if there is, I get it. I'm much happier and more content in the autumn/winter.

So, darker nights here we come :-))))

Tim Henman should be on court very soon, so if you're reading this caffyolay, you shouldn't be :-)
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