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LJ Notifications

Is anyone else (other than aingeal8c) having problems with LJ Notifications?

I'm not talking about (for me anyway) Comments, but Notifications as to when someone has posted to their LJ or to a Comm?

I'm getting a quarter of mine, if that.

And those that are coming through are 'weird'. For example, those coming from a community only have 'nakeisha has posted a new entry in !' in the subject line. Whereas until the day before yesterday the name of the community was included (e.g. 'nakeisha has posted a new entry in ncis_gibbsducky!')

And with the personal journal ones although the name of the person who posted in their journal appears in the subject line and in the body or the email, in the body it's no longer a link, i.e. you can't click on it.

Although the lack of knowing to which community someone has posted and the lack of the clickable name is irksome (the former far more so than the latter), what's more annoying is the fact that very, very few are coming through.

I've checked LJ Status and various other LJ Comms, but can't find anything about this. But before I open a Support Request, I thought I'd see if anyone else is having problems, and if so what.


ETA: I have now opened a Support Request for my problem.
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