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Fanfic Writing Meme

Purloined from caffyolay

1. Why do you write fanfiction? What made you start?

I write fanfic because I love the characters and can't not write. I get a great deal of enjoyment out of writing, it's helped keep me sane over the last few years. I started writing years ago when I had no idea that such a thing as slash or fandom existed, but I saw two characters about whom I had very, very, very mild fantasies and scribbled stories down - I even still have them somewhere!!!.

2. Slash, Het, or Gen

I only write slash.

3. What fandoms do you write in?

The Man From U.N.C.L.E and The Professionals are my main two. Plus, I'm writing some NCIS (Gibbs/Ducky) at the moment. However, I have also written (and still have started stories) in Due South (Fraser/Vecchio) and Starsky & Hutch. I have also dabbled (just the odd story) in a few others.

4. What fandoms do you read in?

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and The Professionals are my main two. But I also read Due South (F/V) reasonably often. And then I dabble in whatever takes my fancy from any fandom in which I have an interest in the pairing, but these are haphazard choices. When I did my Masters Degree dissertation I read quite widely from a variety of fandoms, not necessarily ones in which I had any interest.

5. What's the worst story you've ever written?

If I say I honestly don't know, that sounds dreadfully big-headed. But as I tend to be my own worst critic, I'm often not happy with my story when I get the trib copy of the zine and re-read it. So off hand I really don't think I have one.

6. What writers are your inspiration?

No one, at least not consciously. There are writers whom I admire enormously and whose writing and stories I love and whom I think are superb writers, but I don't think any actually inspire me per se.

7. WIP's or completed stories only?

It depends on what the question actually means. If it means do I post/sub WIPs then the answer is no. However, if it means to I have WIPs in-hand, then I'm afraid the answer is a resounding yes -far too many of them!
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