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The NCIS 'news'.

This has appeared on personal journals and comms. I don't say I even believe it, but I'm going on record with my speculations, least it be true.

There are potentially major spoilers behind the cut. Do not click if you don't want to be spoiled.

Okay so I'm sure several of you have seen the news that says: 'Someone will be leaving NCIS' (oh, wait, we've heard that before - more than once!).

According to Ausiello Scoop:

There's another shake-up brewing over at NCIS, only this time it's happening on screen.

CBS and Paramount declined comment, but sources confirm to me exclusively that a major castmember — a series regular — is on the way out. And as tempted as I am to blab this person's identity, after much soul searching, I've decided that doing so would prove WTS (Way Too Spoilery). And here's why: The actor in question will exit the series in a dramatic fashion. I might even go so far as to call it a major freakin' twist, the repercussions of which will be felt well into next season and, perhaps, beyond.

One thing I feel reasonably comfortable letting you know is that the aforementioned twist does, in fact, occur this season — i.e., sometime between tomorrow night's post-strike return and the season finale in May.

Okay, first off I'm not even sure I believe him. He has, I understand, been known to be wrong more than once and/or seems to enjoy some stirring. I make no comment on that as I have no idea - but I do believe the whole 'he's been wrong before' is true.

I've seen various comments as to 'let's wait until Harriet tells us', nice idea, but come on, Harriet isn't going to do that thing. At least I don't think she will. I may be totally wrong of course, but I just can't see her confirming for denying the report.

So, as so many other people have done, let's play speculation. As I said on leda_speaks's journal (which is the first place I saw this) my theory is this:

1st choice: Jenny. And yes, like so many others, I openly admit that is also wishful thinking). However, she's the only major character whom I believe the show could lose without any great loss to the show.

How does she leave?

Two ways:

a) She's arrested, tried and convicted for the murder of La Grenouille.

b) She is killed by Jeanne as revenge for her father's death. Jeanne believes (rightly or wrongly) that Jenny killed her father, thus she exacts revenge. That would certainly tie in with the 'the repercussions of which will be felt well into next season and, perhaps, beyond', as we'd have Tony trying to come to terms with the fact that the woman with whom he fell in love (with whom he is quite possibly still in love) is a murderess - especially if she goes on the run.

2nd choice: Tony. For the bland old reason that he realises how much he loves Jeanne and upon seeing her again, he does decide to quit his current life and make a new one with her. However, that, as it stands, doesn't really tie in with the 'twist' and 'repercussions'.

3rd choice: Ziva. Because Mossad calls her back. But that's far too simple, and again doesn't tie in, not really, with the whole 'repercussions' thing.

Just about everyone of the main cast has been mentioned, with more than one person saying 'Gibbs'. I find this odd on several levels, not least the whole DPB thing; plus it's Gibbs's show. To my mind without Gibbs there is no NCIS.

Ducky has been mentioned, mainly because of DMc's age. Well all I know is that in all the interviews I've read/heard DMc has always said he'd love for Ducky's role to be larger.

From what I've seen thus far, Tony is a strong contender to go.

And Ziva has too been mentioned re: the whole Mossad thing.

Abby and McGee have also been mentioned, but without any real reason (not that I've seen as yet).

And of course it could be that it's dear Jimmy or even Tobias - if you go by 'series regular'. Jimmy, in particular, fills that role. However, we're back to the whole 'twist' and repercussion thing.

So assuming for the sake of argument the article is correct (and I'm 50:50 on that), I'm going for: Colonel Black in the library with the . . . oops, wrong series.

Jenny killed by a revenging Jeanne. And to add to the whole angsty thing: Jenny did not kill La Grenouille.

However, I am not going to worry about it as let's be honest, there's nothing I can do about it. Que sera sera.

Okay, so I'm not going to consciously or greatly worry about it. I will, I'm sure, ponder it more than once *g*.

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