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I've done this/a version of this before. But it was a couple of years ago (IMS) and as my flist has grown, I'd thought I'd do it again.

1. My username is _________ because _________:


When I first got a LJ, it was only going to be to allow me to read stories in my then main fandom, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, that were flocked. I didn't want to use my 'known' Partners Forever name (or any version of it), but I also wanted something general yet with mild links to MFU. I found Nakeisha on a rare names site and as it had the initials of the two main characters - Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, I went for it. It was only a little later, when I fell head-long into LJ that I realised it was rather a serendipitous choice is was as really my fandom name (Nikki) can be considered a shortened version of 'Nakeisha'.

2. My name is _______ because _______.

Nikki (Harrington).

It's the name I used from my early days in fandom, thus the name I'm known by. It's also one of the names I write under for my non-David McCallum characters and non-Pros fanfic.

3. My journal is titled _______ because _______.

'Nikki's Notations'.

I liked the alliteration of the double 'N' and I'm Nikki and these are my notations. (Using the Notation - the activity of representing something by a special system of marks or characters. Committal to writing, writing - the activity of putting something in written form meaning).

4. My friends page is called _______ because _______.

Friends' Postings.

Um, because that's that they are. The link takes me to the posts made by my friends.

5. My default userpic is:

Is my current one (although I have now started to change it every two weeks or if there's a 'special time).

I thought it was time I accepted that Spring had sprung (thinks back to the snow we had yesterday).
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