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Story Links - March 2008

Let's try to get some 'normality' back into this week.

Herewith links to my March 2008 stories.

FANDOM: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Buffy/Angel

TITLE: Tears That Burn

SUMMARY: Set at the very end of Season Three. Buffy watches Angel walk away.

FANDOM: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
CHARACTER: Rupert Giles

TITLE: She Has Friends

SUMMARY: Giles has discovered Buffy has friends.

FANDOM: Due South
PAIRING: Fraser/Vecchio

TITLE: Due South

SUMMARY: Set after Call Of The Wild. Fraser is reflecting on his past life.

TITLE: Warm Me Up

SUMMARY: Set after Burning Down The House. For now, all that Fraser has left is a picture and his memories of Ray.

TITLE: North

SUMMARY: Set after Call Of The Wild. Ray sets out to return to Canada.

TITLE: Flashback

SUMMARY: A sequel North. Ray is in Canada.

TITLE: You Must Remember This

SUMMARY: A sequel to Flashback. Ray finally arrives at the cabin he once knew.

TITLE: The Promise

SUMMARY: A sequel to You Must Remember This. Ray stands outside the cabin wondering.

TITLE: Heaven And Earth

SUMMARY: A sequel to The Promise. Ray and Benny get reacquainted.

TITLE: Sunrise

SUMMARY: Benny wakes Ray up to watch the sun rise.

TITLE: Sunset

SUMMARY: A companion piece to Sunrise). Ray arrives at the Consulate earlier than usual.

TITLE: You Are The One

SUMMARY: Set during the first season. The move from friendship to lovership is both so simple and yet so complex.


TITLE: Tell Him

SUMMARY: Gibbs has given Tim an undercover assignment, but he's bothered by it. Abby tells him to tell Gibbs he can't do it.

TITLE: Better Left Unasked

SUMMARY: Tim suspects there are things about Abby he might prefer not to know.

TITLE: Looking To Be Different

SUMMARY: Tim is buying Abby flowers.

TITLE: Vagaries Of The Young

SUMMARY: Ducky finds Abby moping.

TITLE: X-Ray Vision

SUMMARY: A sequel to Vagaries Of The Young. Abby ponders on what Ducky said to her and suddenly has an epiphany.

TITLE: Yearnings Not Taken

SUMMARY: Set after Twilight. Kate's death could have brought Abby and Tim closer.

TITLE: Lean On Me

SUMMARY: A sequel to Yearnings Not Taken/a>. Set after Hiatus. Tim knows how upset Abby will be by Gibbs leaving. This time he intends to do something about it.

Where There's A Will

SUMMARY: Abby has a 'visitor' in her lab.

TITLE: She's All That

SUMMARY: Tim tries to define Abby.

TITLE: Not Redundant

SUMMARY: Abby is bored.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky

TITLE: Undercover Operations

SUMMARY: Set after Blowback. Gibbs finds Ducky brooding.

TITLE: Ducky's Dilemma

SUMMARY: A sequel to: Not Too Old To Dream and If Wishes Were Horses. Set during UnSEALed. Ducky has a dilemma and he isn't certain what to do.

TITLE: Gibbs's Gut

SUMMARY: A sequel to: Not Too Old To Dream and If Wishes Were Horses and a companion piece to Ducky's Dilemma. Set during UnSEALed. For once Gibbs decides he cannot trust his gut.

TITLE: Restraining Ducky

SUMMARY: Following the death of Mrs. Mallard, Gibbs takes Ducky away for a short holiday.

TITLE: He Would Pay

SUMMARY: Diane Gibbs comes back from a trip early.

TITLE: Guilty Of Being Alive

SUMMARY: Set immediately after Twilight. Gibbs's thoughts are dark and conflicting ones.

TITLE: Now And Forever

SUMMARY: A sequel to Ducky's Dilemma and Gibbs's Gut. Set during Lt. Jane Doe. Finally, Gibbs and Ducky realize what the other has been trying to tell him.

TITLE: Seeing Red

SUMMARY: Set during 'The Meat Puzzle'. Gibbs finally realizes what it's like to 'see red'.

TITLE: If Only You Had Told Me

SUMMARY: Gibbs tells Ducky something. But is it too late?

TITLE: Letting Go

SUMMARY: A sequel to If Only You Had Told Me. Gibbs knows he has to let Ducky leave.

TITLE: I Never Knew

SUMMARY: A sequel to Letting Go. Ducky talks to someone.

TITLE: Do You Love Me?

SUMMARY: A sequel to I Never Knew. Ducky is honest.

TITLE: Memories Make Us What We Are

SUMMARY: A sequel to Do You Love Me? Craig is left alone.

TITLE: Never Again

SUMMARY: A sequel to Memories Make Us What We Are. Ducky returns.

TITLE: Was It Worth The Cost?

SUMMARY: Ducky is troubled by a recent decision.

TITLE: Holding On

SUMMARY: The new lovers are about to part for the first time and there's something Gibbs wants to ask Ducky.

TITLE: In The End Nothing Matters But Love

SUMMARY: There is change at the office.

PAIRING: Silver/Steel

TITLE: Good For The Soul

SUMMARY: Silver decides to tell Steel how he feels.

FANDOM: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
PAIRING: Napoleon/Illya

TITLE: Vow Of Truth

SUMMARY: A sequel to Questioning and Keep Out. Illya has been injured, perhaps fatally. As he sits by his partner's bed, Napoleon realizes he has to tell Illya the truth.

FANDOM: The Professionals
PAIRING: Bodie/Doyle

TITLE: Not Free

SUMMARY: Bodie reflects on his life.

TITLE: You're Kidding, Right?

SUMMARY: Doyle tells Bodie something.

TITLE: Courageous To The End

SUMMARY: A sequel to You're Kidding, Right? Bodie is left to ponder what Doyle told him.

TITLE: Do Me No Favours

SUMMARY: A sequel to Courageous To The End. Bodie goes to see Doyle. But his partner isn't in the mood to listen.

TITLE: Get It Over With

SUMMARY: A sequel to Do Me No Favours. Ray knows he has to do something to keep their working partnership going.

TITLE: Not What's On Offer

SUMMARY: A sequel to Get It Over With. Bodie and Doyle talk.

I have to say I hadn't realised I'd been quite so productive this month (even allowing for the fact that quite a few of these are drabbles/double drabbles/triple drabbles, etc).
Tags: character: rupert giles, fandom: buffyverse, fandom: due south, fandom: ncis, fandom: sapphire & steel, fandom: the man from u.n.c.l.e., fandom: the professionals, pairing (het): abby/mcgee, pairing (het): buffy/angel, pairing (slash): bodie/doyle, pairing (slash): fraser/vecchio, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky, pairing (slash): napoleon/illya, pairing (slash): silver/steel

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