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Fanfic Challenges

No, I'm not taking on another one, really I'm not.

In fact I have completed another two:

Fraser/Vecchio (Due South) drabble123 - 20 true drabbles (exactly 100 words each).

Abby/McGee (NCIS) - drabble123 - 20 double drabbles (exactly 200 words each).

That makes a total of 545/800 stories completed.

A full overview of where I stand with my fanfic challenges can be seen at my Fanfic Challenges Master Table.

I have also now have two more pairings (Abby/McGee and Bodie/Doyle) for whom I have written at least one story for each letter of the alphabet.

And what is really spooky is that I have just discovered, when checking back on my tags, that on exactly the same day (30th March 2007) a year ago, I posted to say that I'd completed all 26 letters for Gibbs/Ducky!!

Decides to use a non-fandom icon as I don't have one to cover all pairings mentioned - okay, I'm weird, but you knew that anyway, didn't you?
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