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Okay, flist help me out here, please.

When I write songfics I have always tried to use the name of the song for the title of the story. The one exception to this is when I used the song Friends by Razzy Bailey and called the story Friends Make The Best Lovers, but at least the song title was in the story title.

However, I'm currently in the middle of a couple of songfics but find the song title really won't work as a story title. The song title, unlike the lyrics, really won't fit the story.

Does this matter? Am I putting undue pressure on myself trying to always make the title of the story and the title of the song the same? Is it okay, as long as the theme of the story fits with the lyrics to use a completely different title from the song title, indeed any of the lyrics?

So a quick and dirty poll with only two choices.

Poll #1161461 Songfics

In songfics should the title of the story ALWAYS be the same as the title of the song?


Thank you in advance.
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