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Books read in February 2008


The Cat Who Went Into The Closet - Lilian Jackson Braun
The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents - Terry Prachett
The Cat Who Came To Breakfast - Lilian Jackson Braun
The Cat Who Blew The Whistle - Lilian Jackson Braun
The Cat Who Said Cheese - Lilian Jackson Braun
The Cat Who Tailed A Thief - Lilian Jackson Braun
The Cat Who Sang For The Birds - Lilian Jackson Braun
The Cat Who Saw Stars - Lilian Jackson Braun
The Cat Who Robbed A Bank - Lilian Jackson Braun
The Cat Who Smelled A Rat - Lilian Jackson Braun
The Cat Who Went Up The Creek - Lilian Jackson Braun


10 were books I'd read before
01 was a first time read

With one exception, I continued my gentle meander through The Cat Who . . . books. They are still enjoyable and fun, gentle reads, with good characterisation and plots. A few of the later ones start to have the odd error creep into them, inconstancies (both within the book and for the series as a whole). LJB is now in her 90s, so was in her late 80s when the last few listed above were written, so one could say that a few errors aren't unsurprising, it's just as shame the editors didn't pick them up. But they are few and far between, and so far the standard is still, IMO, very high.

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents is actually meant to be one of Terry Prachett's 'books for younger readers', and I guess it is. Even so, it has some quite gruesome in a way scenes in it. Like all of TP books, the story is good, the humour is there, the characters are real. It's a story of a boy, a cat and rats - the cat and the rats can speak. They go into towns and the boy acts as a Pied Piper and rids the town of the rats (that he brings in). And then they go to one particular town and everything changes. There's a little surprise about Maurice, which is nicely done. I like TP, I think he's a great writer and I haven't not enjoyed any book of his I've read. He's most well known, I'd say, for his Disc World series, and although this book isn't part of the series, it nonetheless takes place on Disc World. A good, enjoyable book.

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