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Clearly I am certifiable

So I promised myself that I would not sign up for any more challenges (at least until I'd finished one or two) but . . . You know how it is when you see a table and it just cries out to you 'do me, do me'? Well . . . I have tried (hard, very hard, very hard indeed) to avoid this table for a week now, but it has been nudging me and forcing itself on me since then).

So today, I have in. I know; I know; I'm weak (waves to honeybearbee)

Thus I give you ships50. Very low pressured, no deadlines (I like those).

Index Table For ships50 - Gibbs/Ducky

01.Young. 02.Life. 03.Hardship. 04.Drama. 05.Gold.
06.Forgotten. 07.Loneliness. 08.Don't Leave. 09.My Name Is . . . . 10.Betrayal.
11.Answers. 12.Forever. 13.Tomorrow. 14.Bitch, Please 15.Candy.
16.Selfless. 17.Regret. 18.Emotions. 19.Denial. 20.Seeing Red.
21.Despair. 22.Reckless. 23.Choice. 24.Agony. 25.Contradiction.
26.Pink. 27.Flowers. 28.Anti-Hero. 29.Questions. 30.Family.
31.First Meeting. 32.Far Away. 33.Prayers Answered. 34.Feeling Blue. 35.Sexual.
36.Come Undone. 37.Everlasting. 38.Beautiful. 39.Tease. 40.So Close.
41.Lovers. 42.Affection. 43.Unclothed. 44.Sensitivity. 45.Oops!
46.Green. 47.Silver. 48.Joy. 49.Serenity. 50.Attraction.

50/50- Completed 30th December 2008
Tags: fandom: ncis, fanfic challenge: ships 50, fanfic challenges, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky

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