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Letter Meme Redux

I played again (several times).

Comment if you want to do this and I'll give you a letter. Then you go and list ten things you like starting with that letter.

sageharper gave me 'L'.

01. Leroy Jethro Gibbs. (No surprise there).
02. Lacey. (Nuff said).
03. Love. (Well I am a bit of a romantic and I do tend to write love stories).
04. Lynley/Havers. (One of the het pairings in whom I dabble, even drabble, from time to time).
05. Long, dark nights. (It's not really cheating . . . I love 'em).
06. Lamplight. (Very useful on the long, dark nights).
07. Lambs. (Unbearably cute and gambolling).
08. Lime. (A slice goes extremely well in G&T - if you've only ever tried it with lemon, I recommend giving lime a go).
09. Live Journal. (Well I do).
10. Lists. (I'm a fan of them).

birggitt gave me 'M'.

01. Mark Harmon. (Well he does play one of my favourite characters - see 01 above).
02. McGee/Abby. (Not normally seen that way in NCIS fandom, but I have seen it - another one of my het pairings whom I'm writing far more than I thought I would).
03. Memes. (What do you mean, you'd never have guessed *g*).
04. Music. (I have eclectic tastes ranging from light opera to light rock and pretty much everything in-between).
05. Mozart. (My favourite classical composer).
06. Marmite. (I love it. It's pretty much a gauge of how unwell I am - if I refuse toast and Marmite, J knows I'm *really* unwell).
07. McGee, Timothy. (One of my top six favourite NCIS characters).
08. Man From U.N.C.L.E., The. (Okay I'm cheating a tad, but . . . One of my main fandoms).
09. Mountains. (Lovely, natural beauty).
10. Moon. (So wonderful. There's something ethereal and very moving about it).

probodie gave me 'P'.

01. Partnerships/Pairings. (For me one of the core aspects of fandom are my pairings/partnerships. They are very important to me).
02. Philosophy. (I studied it as part of my Bachelors degree and thoroughly enjoyed it).
03. Psychology. (I always been interested in the subject and also studied this for part of my Bachelors degree).
04. P.D. James. (One of my favourite authors. She writes the Adam Dalgliesh books).
05. Peter Lovesey. (Another one of my favourite authors - he writes both professional detective and amateur detective books).
06. Pre-Raphaelites. (Their art holds a fascination for me).
07. Palmer, Jimmy. (Still with the cheating :-) One of my top six characters in NCIS).
08. Professionals, The. (And again, what can I say, I am evil - see schnuffi, really I am. OTOH, it could be the evil twin at work. One of my main fandoms).
09. Parsnips. (I love them, especially roasted).
10. Potatoes. (So versatile, so lovely. Yummy. My favourite vegetable).

aingeal8c gave me 'B'.

01. Books. (Love them, always have. We have hundreds upon hundreds of them).
02. Bodie/Doyle. (One of my main pairings).
03. Brussels. (A very yummy vegetable).
04. Benny/Ray. (Other of my main pairings).
05. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. (A show I never thought I'd enjoy, but we got hooked on it).
06. Buffy/Angel. (Another het pairing I love, so right for one another, but so tragic).
07. Blue. (My favourite colour - in particular I like the extremes, dark blues and light blues, dark being my ultimate favourite).
08. Babylon 5. (Another series I thoroughly enjoy).
09. Bears. (Such cuddly creatures - the stuffed ones that is).
10. Black. (My second favourite 'colour').

schnuffi gave me 'F'.

01. Flist/Friends. (I don't think I need to expand on that).
02. Fanfiction. (I write it, I read it, it's great).
03. Fraser/Vecchio. (One of my main pairings).
04. Fandom. (Both specific fandoms and fandom meta. I love discussions about fandom in general, as well as specific fandoms).
05. Fanzines. (I love holding the printed word in my hand. It's sad that they are a declining species).
06. Fanfic Challenges. (Yep, I'm hooked on them).
07. Flowers. (Lovely to look at in their natural beauty).
08. Folklore. (Can be every interesting).
09. Fluff. (A genre I rather like - okay, so sue me *g*).
10. Family. (Self-explanatory really).

ashley_pitt gave me 'G'.

01. Gibbs/Ducky. (My favourite and main pairing).
02. Gibbs. (One half of my favourite pairing).
03. Gardens. (I love looking at them, but hate gardening).
04. Gifts. (I love to give them).
05. Ginormous. (It's such a lovely 'word'; J and I use it a lot).
06. Grey's Anatomy. (A show I enjoy).
07. Gin & Tonic. (With lime and ice).
08. Garfield. (I have a day-to-day desk calendar, and he's such a fun cat).
09. Grey. (Another colour I really like).
10. Grapes. (A favourite fruit).

When honeybearbee gave me my first letter - 'D' - I missed five shockingly obvious ones out. Thus, I am doing a 'Half D Redux as a self-indulgence.

01. David McCallum. (One of my all time favourite actors who plays one half of three of my main pairings).
02. Due South. (One of my main fandoms. *Waves to aingeal8c who knows why*).
03. Diefenbaker. (The third lead in the above show, and a great character. Due South wouldn't be the same without him).
04. Darkness. (So comforting).
05. Dark Blue. (My favourite colour).

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