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Alternative Friday Five (somewhat belatedly)

Seen on and snaggled from sageharper who got it from altfriday5.

1. Do you live in a climate that has noticeable seasonal changes in weather?

Yes. We get all four seasons.

2. Are seasons and climate a factor in your decisions about where to live?

One of the reasons we moved from England to Scotland was because it was cooler up here in the summer.

3. Do you have a favourite season? If so, which one?

Yes. Winter.

4. If so, what makes it your favourite? If not, why not?

I love long nights and short days. I love cold, crisp weather. I love to look out at a snowy landscape. I love being able to pull the curtains and snuggle down in a nice warm home. I love to be able to dress in layers and not have to try and cope with being too hot.

5. If you could design your perfect cycle of seasons, what would it look like?

Six months of autumn. Six months of winter.

(Not much of a surprise here).
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