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Fiction Meme - 2007 Addenda

Whilst wandering happily around my flist over the last week or so, I came across the 'Fiction Meme By Year' on various journals - and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I also came across a couple of versions, and the ones I found on starwatcher307 and becky_monster journals included a few questions that are particularly pertinent to my writings of this year. Thus in an aim to be 'complete' I am going to answer the questions.


Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

Definitely more. Mainly, I believe, because of the number of drabbles I wrote, the number of which was increased quite considerably by the drabble writing meme I did in October, which alone spawned twenty-seven drabbles in six days.

On the reverse I wrote fewer longer stories than I'd predicted/hoped for.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2007?

I wrote het, and quite a lot of it, for the first time (outside of a single Buffy/Angel 'one-off' drabble, written during 2006 for a similar drabble writing meme (which had been my first venture into writing drabbles). I wrote for three het couples:

Abby/McGee (NCIS), they had appeared in several Gibbs/Ducky stories previously but until this year had never been a pairing in their own right.

Lynley/Havers (The Inspector Lynley Mysteries).

Buffy/Angel (BtvS/At).

I've been writing fanfic for just over eight years and I never thought the day would come when I would not only write het, but enjoy writing it and write it enough to even include the pairings in challenges. I am doing drabble123 for Abby/McGee and all three couples were included in several 12_stories challenges.

I also wrote a couple of Gen drabbles (Giles from BtvS, again something I had only ever written once before, as a one-off.

Did you take any writing risks this year? (See above for unexpected pairings, etc.) What did you learn from them?

Apart from writing het, which was for me a 'risk', I also wrote outside my comfort zone with a couple of stories.

I wrote crack!fic for the first time (and probably last) ever (Basic Black).

I also wrote a first time Gibbs/Ducky without any WAFF (warm and fuzzy feelings) as it was asked for by my ncis_gibbsducky Yuletide Gift Exchange recipient (Finding A Way). I have written a couple of other Gibbs/Ducky stories without even a smidgeon of sweetness in them, but they have been established relationship stories; I think it is far easier to write this pairing without sweetness and WAFF in ER stories rather than FT.

I learnt that:

  • I can write het and get enjoyment from it.
  • I was able to pull a crack!fic off.
  • I can write first time Gibbs/Ducky without WAFF, and if the feedback is anything to go by, write it reasonably well and believably. However, I did not enjoy the experience.

    Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

    To keep writing, improving and to keep on enjoying my writing.

    Also see: 1-9 in my Fannish New Year's Resolutions - 2008


    Most disappointing:

    Gibbs/Ducky: None. I can in all honesty say that there wasn't a single story in which I was disappointed (I wouldn't have posted it had I been thus).

    Non-Gibbs/Ducky: None. I can in all honesty say that there wasn't a single story in which I was disappointed (I wouldn't have posted it had I been thus).

    Story with single sweetest moment:

    This is more than a bit difficult as 'sweet' and 'Nikki' are fairly synonymous. However . . .

    Gibbs/Ducky: All You Have To Do Is Ask. When Gibbs and Ducky exchange wedding vows.

    Non-Gibbs/Ducky: 50 Moments In Time (Fraser/Vecchio - Due South). The first of the 50 moments.

    Most Unintentionally Telling:

    Gibbs/Ducky: I honestly cannot think of any story that would fit this 'category'. If my stories have a message at all, it tends to be an intentional one, one that I have thought about.

    Non-Gibbs/Ducky: The only one that comes close is maybe Sometimes Love Isn't Enough (Starsky/Hutch - Starsky & Hutch). Starsky & Hutch was my very first fandom and yet until this year when I wrote this story and two drabbles, I had pretty much abandoned them, in a way that I haven't done with any of my other fandoms, even when my focus changed. Given the ease with which I wrote this story, I can only presume that it was telling me that maybe, deep down, I never loved and saw Starsky & Hutch in quite the way I thought I did. But, OTOH, I feel that could be far fetched, and me trying to come up with a story/explanation to avoid having to say 'see above' :-)

    Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

    Gibbs/Ducky: I Will Always Love You. It's a role reversal story whereby it's Ducky (whom I always see on-screen and write as gay) who has married four times and keeps dating women whilst still sleeping with Gibbs and breaking his heart, whilst Gibbs is the one who waits for Ducky and loves him unconditionally and forgives him. Having said that, my perception only shifted for this one story; I still firmly believe that Ducky is gay.

    Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Years Go By (Napoleon/Illya - The Man From U.N.C.L.E.). It's a very short story that has Napoleon letting Illya, with whom he lives, come home and find him in bed with a woman.

    Biggest Surprise:

    Gibbs/Ducky: Once again it has to be Basic Black. I still can't quite get over me writing crack.

    Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Putting aside the het stories. It's really a toss up between a couple of stories that break my 'golden' rule: 'Nikki's stories, even her death stories, always have happy endings'. However, I've gone for Sometimes Love Isn't Enough (Starsky/Hutch - Starsky & Hutch), as this pairing were my very first pairing whom I loved with the kind of passion I now afford my other pairings. A pairing I never thought I'd move on from and for whom I never thought I'd write an unhappy ending.

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