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I am alive

Just to let people know that I am alive and breathing.

I know that I owe lots of your emails and I'm sorry, it's been a busy week. We've had to go out most days for one thing or another, and as that inevitably pushes the pain level up, I tend to find that I can't really do that much when I get back. Oddly enough the one thing I have seemed able to do is to knock out a few really short ficlets for challenges, only one in an actual fandom of mine - and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. Clearly that occupied a different part of my brain than actually sitting back and answering emails does. Given that I'm not all that good at writing to demand, especially when the demand is for a very quick turn around, I'm also more than a little surprised at myself (in fact I'm wondering if I've been replaced overnight by someone else *g*).

It's somewhat disheartening as I'd just worked my way through my inbox and felt on top of things and really thought that I'd be able to get down to some serious writing, but no, not for a little while ::sigh:: So, those of you to whom I do owe emails, please accept my apologies; I will get round to them this week, I promise.
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