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Fannish New Year's Resolutions - 2008 Addenda

Overnight I thought of two others that I had fully intended to put on the list of NYR for 2008, so:

  • To try to write some longer het stories for:

    Lynley Havers

    By 'longer' I mean over 1,000 words. I know this doesn't seem a lot to aim for, but as het is a relatively new genre for me and as yet virtually all my het stories have been drabbles, double drabbles, triple drabbles or quadruple drabbles, I think this is a reasonable aim.

  • To complete the alphabet meme for at least other pairings/categories:

    Bodie/Doyle (1 letter - X - remaining)
    Fraser/Vecchio (6 letters (B, Q, R, V, X, Y, Z - remaining)
    Napoleon/Illya (4 letters (K, Q, R, V, Z - remaining)
    Miscellaneous pairings/characters (2 letters - X, Z - remaining)
    Silver/Steel (12 letters - (G, J, K, O, P Q, R, U, V, W, X, Z - remaining)

    The second one of these shouldn't be any trouble given that I'm writing A/Mc, B/D and F/V drabbles, but it's something that the 'anal' side of me would like to achieve.
    (Okay, confession time, I'd really love to have the meme filled for all the 'sections' - but I'm not sure I'll achieve that in 2008 *g* - hence me being realistic).
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