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Nikki's Notations
A Slash Friendly Journal
An end of year update on Fannish New Year Resolutions (2007)
Following on from my September update on my 2007 Fannish New Year Resolutions, this is how I finished the year.

1. To finish the Fanfic Challenges I have taken up.

10_hurt_comfort - 03 stories left to write. Completed in March.
20_1sttimes - 13 stories left to write. 05 stories left to write.
20_est_relships - 15 stories left to write. Completed in October.
philosophy_20 - 08 stories left to write. Completed in April.
30_memories - 12 stories left to write. Completed in April.

Four out of five achieved - not bad at all.


I also took on several other challenges during the year (I didn't say I wasn't going to *g*)

lover100 - 49 stories left to write.
50_lovequotes - 41 stories left to write.
36_plots - 35 stories left to write
25fluffyfics - Completed in November.
drabble123 - Completed in September.
fic_cd_mix - 07 stories left to write.

Total number of Gibbs/Ducky stories left to write: 137

2. To write some longer Gibbs/Ducky stories.

This I haven't really achieved as I only managed two *sigh*.

The Common Factor is over 13,000 words
Learning To Trust (which will appear in the NCIS Gibbs/Ducky zine that periwinkle27 is producing) is over 37,000 words.

However, I have several longer stories in the works for this year.

3. To take part in more ncis_flashfic challenges.

This I have definitely achieved. In fact due to there being an 'Amnesty Challenge I have submitted at least one story for all twenty-three challenges (plus five for missed challenges in 2005/2006).

Questions For Charlie (Original Characters Challenge)
New Resolve (Resolution Challenge)
No More Secrets (Secrets And Lies Challenge)
The Right Thing To Do (Epistolary Challenge)
A Dog's Life (Self-Insertion Challenge)*
Fond Memories (Last Challenge)
Eye Of The Beholder (Car Challenge)*
What Do You Remember? (In Memory Challenge)
Finally Letting Go (Fire Challenge)*
Cold As Ice (Ice Challenge)*
When I Have You (Porn Challenge)*
Basic Black (Crack!Fic Challenge)*
Healing Hands (Sickness And Health Challenge)
Is Sorry Really Enough? (Icon Challenge)
A Sporting Chance (Sports Challenge)*
Time To Say Goodbye (Deadlines Challenge)
Second Best (Special Occasions Challenge)
Five Stories Ducky Will Never Tell and Five Emails The Children Never Sent (Five Things Challenge)
Unsung Heroes (Heroes Challenge)
Season Of Mists (Poetry Challenge)
Paid In Full (Book Challenge)
The Final Journey (Travel Challenge)
Consensus Of Opinion (Holiday Challenge)

Just Deserts (Documentation)**
A Marked Man (Marks)**
Worth A Thousand Words (Picture)**
Ultimatum (Meeting)**
Decision (Discriminate)**

*Submitted as part of the 'Amnesty Challenge'
** Prompts from 2005/2006 - Submitted as part of the Amnesty Challenge

4. To write in fandoms other than NCIS.

a) At least one story in each of my other fandoms (Sapphire & Steel, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, The Professionals, Due South). Done!

b) To try to write a story for one or more of the other rare pairs which I enjoy: Neil/Willie (The Sandbaggers), Dalgliesh/Massingham (The Dalgliesh Mysteries), Raffles/Bunny(Raffles). Done!

c) To try to finish a Starsky & Hutch story which I began what now seems like an aeon ago. Done!

I achieved this fully. To do so, i.e. to 'encourage' myself to write these stories I took up the following challenges (did I mention I'm somewhat addicted to challenges? *g*)

fivebyfiction - Five pairings - Completed in November.
drabble123 - Bodie/Doyle - 15 drabbles left to write.
drabble123 - Fraser/Vecchio - 14 drabbles left to write.
drabble123 - Abby/McGee - 18 drabbles left to write.
12_stories - Twelve Pairings (Table: Dark) Completed in March.
12_stories - Six Pairings (Table: Misc A) - Completed in October.
12_stories - Six Pairings (Table: Light) - Completed in November.
12_stories - Six Pairings (Table: Nature) - Completed in December
12_stories - Four pairings (Table: Misc B) - Completed October 2007.
10_prompts - Silver/Steel - Completed in September.
10_prompts - Napoleon/Illya - Completed in October.
10_prompts - Bodie/Doyle - Completed in September.
10_prompts - Fraser/Vecchio - Completed in July.
1sentence - Fraser/Vecchio - Completed in September.

fivebyfiction - Five Fandoms. Five Pairings
Bodie/Doyle; Bodie/Doyle; Bodie/Doyle; Bodie/Doyle; Bodie/Doyle
Fraser/Vecchio; Fraser/Vecchio; Fraser/Vecchio; Fraser/Vecchio; Fraser/Vecchio
Gibbs/Ducky; Gibbs/Ducky; Gibbs/Ducky; Gibbs/Ducky; Gibbs/Ducky
Napoleon/Illya; Napoleon/Illya; Napoleon/Illya; Napoleon/Illya; Napoleon/Illya
Silver/Steel; Silver/Steel; Silver/Steel; Silver/Steel; Silver/Steel

12_stories - Twelve Pairings (Dark)

12_stories - Six Pairings (Misc A)
Abby/McGee; Abby/McGee
Bodie/Doyle; Bodie/Doyle
Fraser/Vecchio; Fraser/Vecchio
Gibbs/Ducky; Gibbs/Ducky
Hawkeye/BJ; Hawkeye/BJ
Lynley/Havers; Lynley/Havers

12_stories - Six Pairings (Light)
Abby/McGee; Abby/McGee
Buffy/Angel; Buffy/Angel
Rupert Giles; Rupert Giles
Hawkeye/BJ; Hawkeye/BJ
Lynley/Havers; Lynley/Havers
Starsky/Hutch; Starsky/Hutch

12_stories - Six Pairings (Nature)
Abby/McGee; Abby/McGee
Buffy/Angel; Buffy/Angel
Hawkeye/BJ; Hawkeye/BJ
Lynley/Havers; Lynley/Havers
Napoleon/Illya; Napoleon/Illya
Silver/Steel; Silver/Steel

12_stories - Four Pairings (Misc B)
Abby/McGee; Abby/McGee; Abby/McGee
Bodie/Doyle; Bodie/Doyle; Bodie/Doyle
Fraser/Vecchio; Fraser/Vecchio; Fraser/Vecchio
Hawkeye/BJ; Hawkeye/BJ; Hawkeye/BJ

5. To install Paint Shop Pro on my computer - and teach myself to use it.

Well, I have installed it. I have also used it to 'tart' up some of my icons, but beyond that I still haven't gone *sigh*. It's so much easier to use the program I know (MS's Photo Draw), even if I then tidy it up in PSP *blush*

6. To get the non-fiction part of my website updated and remove the 'This Page Is Under Construction' message.

Amongst other things I aim to have an episode guide for each fandom (with short descriptions of each episode) and character studies.

I haven't done as much of this as I'd intended. So this is still on on-going project.

7. To go through my zine collection and decide what I really am not going to re-read.

Five filing cabinet drawers full of zines, plus a shelf of digest seems a tad too much - especially as I know there are some I'm not going to re-read.

I still haven't even begun to do this one *sigh*

So at at 2nd January, 2008 I am pretty pleased with what I achieved, resolution-wise, during 2007 - especially the number of non-Gibbs/Ducky stories I wrote during the year - I certainly achieved that resolution :-)

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7 Notes or Leave A Note
curly_the_sue From: curly_the_sue Date: 2nd January 2008 14:27 (UTC) (Link)
Wow, this is so impressive! I can't get along finishing ONE fanfic.
So, congratulations!
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 2nd January 2008 14:53 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you so much.

*Sends finishing vibes your way*
curly_the_sue From: curly_the_sue Date: 2nd January 2008 15:17 (UTC) (Link)
awww, thank you!
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 2nd January 2008 18:21 (UTC) (Link)
You're welcome.

And now I've even fixed the coding errors.

Semagic is wonderful, and I wouldn't be without it - but it's also 'forgiving' of minor errors, i.e. it all looked fine when previewed in Semagic.
aingeal8c From: aingeal8c Date: 2nd January 2008 18:25 (UTC) (Link)
Hmmm the coding seems a bit confused.

I think you have done very well you have.

1) You've done very well with it. And yay more ;-)

2) Long is relative ;-)

3) You did great with that one.

4) You do make me boggle with all you write.

5) Well installing it is better than nothing. I've had mine on my computer for 2 years and have barely scratched the surface. Yook me 6 months to work out I could re-size stuff with it.

6) I am sure you'll get there.

7) There's always time.
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 3rd January 2008 12:51 (UTC) (Link)
It wasn't as bad as earlier ;-) But it is all sorted now. That's the one downside to Semagic, it can be very forgiving over the little things, i.e. it looks fine when you preview it in Semagic and I hadn't (for once) checked it after I posted it.

Thank you so much *Hugs*

1. I was very pleased really, given how many other challenges I took up and completed. So # story-wise, I easily fulfilled this one.

2. *Giggle* Is that a new way of saying 'size doesn't matter'? And it is, I know. Given the feedback I've had on a lot of my drabbles and elsewhere, I seem to have a talent for telling in 100 words what other people might take 1,000 to achieve. So . . .

3. Thank you. I had fun too with the amnesty, in fact there were a lot of amnesty stories submitted. I don't know exactly how many as the Mods haven't put them into memories yet, but I wrote 12, a friend of mine flooded the comm during the last 24 with lots of lovely G/D stories (6 or 7) someone else did the same with other pairings and there were at least half a dozen (maybe a dozen) others during the sixz weeks too. Goes to show that they should have a permanent amnesty, methinks (running alongside the normal challenges).

4. *Smiles* Me too :-) Thank you.

5. *Chuckles* That it is. Hmm. Now the re-sizing is something I've yet to figure out properly. I can tart up, but other than that . . .

6. Thank you. I'm sure I will.

7. Indeed there is.
aingeal8c From: aingeal8c Date: 3rd January 2008 17:46 (UTC) (Link)
Oo looks nice and clean now. Bad Semagic! I know what you mean Ilve found that a few times, with me more typo-wise.

*hugs back*

1) You should be pleased. You are the challenge queen. Hee.

2) Yes it is. It's the new improved Aingeal way of saying it. And you do do really well with your drabbles, you do encapsulate so much emotion into them. Yay for the drabbles.

3) Wow 12, that's a great number. One for every month so to speak. and yay for a flood of G/D stories, that's really nice and I am sure will help the G/D visibility. They really hsould do more regular amnesty challemges if they are that popular.

4) :-) You;re welcome.

5) Ooo now I can help with that. Tarting up ont he ohand...

6) Good. :-)

7) Which is good.
7 Notes or Leave A Note