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Fiction Meme - 2007

I am going to continue my tradition of rounding up the year by doing this meme.

Previous years can be found here:

Fanfiction - 2005
Fanfiction - 2006


By Fandom

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL THE SERIES - Buffy/Angel (05) Giles-Centric Gen (02)

Always (Buffy/Angel)
Falling Into Despair (Buffy/Angel)
I Cannot Tell Her (Giles)
Loving Her (Buffy/Angel)
My Girl (Buffy/Angel)
Never Forget (Buffy/Angel)
The Light Has Gone (Giles)

DUE SOUTH - Fraser/Vecchio (28)

A Little Learning
According To Benny
Coming To Terms
Could Have Been Worse
Good Sign
Fifty Moments In Time
He Had To Go
He Had To Hope
He Had To Imagine
He's My Benny
His Touch
His Voice
Holding On
Journey's End
Kissing Benny
Leaving You
Letting Go
No Comparison
No Longer Apart
Saying Goodbye
The Other Side Of Love
The Sound Of Silence
Unknown Boundaries

HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES - Duncan/Methos (01)

Back Into The Shadows

M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ (10)

Another Day, Another Dollar
Death Surrounds
Goodbye Hawkeye
I Can't
It Doesn't Matter
Kindred Spirits
So Much
Sublime Ridiculousness
The Letter
Walk By Moonlight

NCIS - Abby/McGee (12)

A Beloved Couple
A Kind Of Peace
Abby's Surprise
Happiness Is
He Couldn't Tell Her
Most Important
No Thinking
Peace Is Shattered
Somewhat Fitting

NCIS - Gibbs/Ducky (172)

A Dog's Life
A Ghostly Tale
A Lifestyle Change
A Lifetime Of Memories
A Marked Man
A Soft Touch
A Sporting Chance
Accidents Can Be Good
Admitting Is Never Easy
Against All Odds
Ah, Jethro
All That Remain
All You Have To Do Is Ask
Another Day
At First
Avoiding Ducky
Back In Synch
Basic Black
Being Fortunate
Being Thankful
Belated Understanding
Bizarre Behavior
Bizarre Behavior Explained
Breakfast In Bed
But The Same
Can Dreams Come True?
Can It Be?
Challenging Ducky
Cold As Ice
Consensus Of Opinion
Constant Endearments
Crossing Lines
Dancing Together
Defining Ownership
Do You Think?
Does It Count?
Ducky Knows
Enough Is Enough
Eye Of The Beholder
Favorite Memories
Finally Letting Go
Finding A Way
Five Emails The Children Never Sent
Five Stories Ducky Will Never Tell
Fond Memories
For Remembrance
Forbidden Love
Forget Me
From Sunrise To Sunset
Getting Rid Of Madam Director
Giving Comfort
Guess It Was
Hard To Say I'm Sorry
He Always Does
He Can Turn Them
He Didn't
He Made Me Believe
Healing Hands
He's Mine
His Tastes
Hurts Not Mentioned
I Always Knew
I Don't Believe It
I Have Him
I Know How He Felt
I Remember
I Told Them
I Was Mistaken
I Will Always Love You
If It Could Talk
I'll Be Around
In Threes
In Your Arms
Infinity Together
Is Sorry Really Enough?
It Has Happened Again
It Is Raining
It Might Have Something To Do With
Just Deserts
Just Let Her Try
Keeping Your Promise
Knowing And Loving
Lain To Rest
Learning To Trust (Published in BOLO #2 - Gibbs/Ducky)
Lost And Regained
Love At First Sight
Making It Right Again
Many Things
Maybe I Should
Memories Don't Leave
Memories Make Us
Midnight Blue
Mistletoe And Mulled Wine
My Favorite Time Of Day
My Future
My Past
My Present
My Team
Never Alone
Never Betray
Never Looked Back
New Resolve
No More Secrets
No Strings
Now Or Never
Oh, Well
Paid In Full
Questions For Charlie
Reason To Celebrate
Regaining Control
Returned To Me
Season Of Mists
Second Best
Silence Is Golden
Still Not Found
Summer Heat
That's What I'll Do
The Autumn Of Their Lives
The Common Factor
The Final Journey
The Greatest Gift Of All
The Green-Eyed Monster
The Last Day
The Lioness With Her Cub Syndrome
The One
The Right Move
The Right Thing To Do
The Rose
The Truth Will Out
The Way He Is
There But For
They Love Me
They're Everything
This Is It
This Time
Time To Say Goodbye
To Err Is Human
Trick Or Treat
Unsung Heroes
Vision Of The Future
What Do You Remember?
What Have I Done?
What Makes You Stay?
What To Do
When I Have You
Where I've Always Wanted You
Why Redheads
Winter, Candles And Night
With This Ring
Without You
Worth A Thousand Words
Xeno's Paradox
Years That Pass
You Chose Me
You're Still The One



SAPPHIRE & STEEL - Silver/Steel (18)

A Vision
An Illusion
Being Aware
Darkness Of The Soul
Eye Of The Beholder
For Now
He Hoped
In My Head
Let No Man Cast Asunder
More Than A Fantasy
No Longer In Awe
Not A Hallucination
She Hoped
Steel Is Grey
You Do

SHERLOCK HOLMES - Holmes/Watson (01)

Quite Content

STARSKY & HUTCH - Starsky/Hutch (03)

Better Left Unsaid
Me And Thee
Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

THE DALGLIESH MYSTERIES - Dalgliesh/Massingham (01)

Healing Words


Breaking Unwritten Rules
His Saviour
Home Is Where
The First Step
Vengeance Is Mine
Wishing For The Sun
You Brought It Back

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - Napoleon/Illya (17)

A Taxing Situation
He Knew
Heartbreaks Can Be Mended
Hidden Torture
Once A Spy, Always A Spy
Silence Can Be A Lie
Justifiably Proud
New Beginnings
The Devil In Me
There They
What Will Be
Work Of An Expert
Xanthian Marbles
Years Go By

THE PROFESSIONALS - Bodie/Doyle (26)

A Proud Man
Always Remain
Couldn't Stay
Cowley's Memories
Decision Making
End Of Dreams
Gift Horse
He Thinks About
Keeping Faith
Making A Decision
More Than Just Passion
Moving Forward
No Favourites
One Day
Revelations - Published in Secret Agent Men #09
So Much
They Don't Talk
Too Much
Unusual Assignment
Victory Is Hollow
Why Did He Do It?
Will You?
Zero Degrees

THE SANDBAGGERS - Neil/Willie (01)

Never The Same Again


Total Number of Stories: 305

Total Word count: 354,093

Shortest story: 100 words (various drabbles)

Longest story: Learning To Trust (Zine) The Common Factor (Web)

Drabbles 100 words exactly) 115

Stories 200 - 1,000 words: 117

Stories 1,001 - 5,000 words: 57

Stories 5,000 - 10,000 words: 12

Stories over 10,000 words: 04

Average length of story: 1,161

(I am not at all happy at all about the length of my stories. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the drabbles and quite a lot of other stories where I have been rigid in word count, e.g. making them exact multiple of 100, I am disappointed that I have so few stories over 5,000 and 10,000 words. One of my aims next year is to try to persuade my muse/bunny to return to writing longer stories, as I always used to do.

Story Ratings:

G = 111

PG = 149

PG-13 = 33

R = 12

About the stories

Stories already written but not yet posted: One - for ncis_tinsel (which I shall aim to post at: 00:01 01/01/08). Oddly enough the end of each year is the only time that I do not have at least half a dozen stories in hand.

WIPs: For the first time since starting to do this year end meme, I can actually give a number of WIPs, as I had a session during the last month or two whereby I went through the considerable number I had and took a serious look at each story to see if I really was ever going to finish it. This is a result of that intense purge.

Gibbs/Ducky - 32
Napoleon/Illya - 16
Bodie/Doyle - 08
Fraser/Vecchio - 03
Silver/Steel - 01
Total: 60

My favourite story this year:

This is very difficult indeed. It's a toss up of so many (especially for Gibbs/Ducky). I love the first story of year (Mistletoe And Mulled Wine) and the last story of the year (All You Have To Do Is Ask), and many others. However. . .

Gibbs/Ducky: A Dog's Life. This is pure self-indulgence as the star of the story is actually Lacey, who manages to wrap the entire team around her little paw.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Let No Man Cast Asunder. (Silver/Steel - Sapphire & Steel). I like this because it shows the 'man' Steel has become because of his relationship with Silver, and it also shows the power he has. I feel it's a good balance of emotion and feeling. I just like it.

My best story this year:

Although really this isn't for me to judge, nonetheless, I have chosen.

Gibbs/Ducky: The Common Factor. It's an established relationship case story, with Gibbs going undercover as a gay man and is set in Season 2.

Although, going purely on the amount of feedback received for a single story, it is overwhelmingly Infinity Together. It's a drabble, a death drabble and although it was written with Gibbs/Ducky in mind, it can be read (and indeed was) as any male/male pairing.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Coming To Terms (Fraser/Vecchio - Due South). A very dark story that deals with as aspect of Victoria's Secret that I have not seen considered anywhere else. The scenario behind this story came to me so clearly when I saw Victoria's Secret for the first time; it seemed logical to me at the time, and has remained thus to me ever since. I wasn't certain I'd ever write it, but a certain 'person' had other ideas.

Story most under appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

Gibbs/Ducky: A Ghostly Tale. Which is one of my Ducky educating Gibbs and the children stories. It's the seventh story in my Occasions Universe and this one had Ducky regaling them with tales of Scottish ghosts.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: A few of my rare pairs stories have received no comments at all, so I've just picked one. Never The Same Again. (Neil/Willie - The Sandbaggers). It's a short first time story - Willie and Neil have been sent on a mission together. Willie is shot, and he sees a completely hitherto unknowns side of Neil.

Most fun story:

Gibbs/Ducky: Basic Black. This is crack!fic (something I never thought I'd write - eyes aingeal8c). And it is actually Gibbs/Everyone (Twenty-One NCIS characters both male and female + one, a 'surprise' one)

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Work Of An Expert. (Napoleon/Illya - The Man From U.N.C.L.E.). Illya is locked in an escape proof cell; it's an older men story.

Most sexy story:

I don't tend to write sex or sexy stories - but this year I not only wrote a romantically sexy G/D story, I did write at least one sex scene too :-)

Gibbs/Ducky: Healing Hands. Pretty much pure PWP from beginning to end.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: More Than Just Passion. (Bodie/Doyle - The Professionals). Is the closest I came to a sexy non-Gibbs/Ducky story this year. It's short and takes place in their bed.

Story with single sexiest moment:

Gibbs/Ducky: Healing Hands. We have a massage scene (very mild, I must admit).

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: There wasn't one.

Hardest story to write:

Gibbs/Ducky: Finding A Way. A first time story written for this year's ncis_gibbsducky Yuletide Gift Exchange to fit the wishes of my recipient (who sadly does not appear to have read the story). It was so difficult to write because the recipient wanted a lack of one thing that features in a good 99.9% of my G/D stories - WAFF (warm and fuzzy feelings). I was actually pleased with the way the story turned out (and huge thanks have to once again go to aingeal8c who metaphorically held my hand, cheered me on, encouraged and supported me before, during and after the writing of the story). And with the exception of the final scene which, had I not been writing it for someone else, I would have made slightly 'warmer', I wouldn't change anything about it.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Coming To Terms. (Fraser/Vecchio - Due South). The reason is was so difficult to write was because of the subject matter and because Ray Vecchio is my favourite Due South character.

Easiest story to write:

Gibbs/Ducky: All You Have To Do Is Ask. In contrast to the above, this story is very 'me'. It's chock full of WAFF (but very in character WAFF); has 'marriage' vows; an engagement; the team; a kiss and a dance.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Somewhat Fitting. (Abby/McGee - NCIS. It does mention Gibbs/Ducky a few times, but only in passing). Despite this in some ways being a death story and in some ways being a several hanky story, I nonetheless found it very easy to write, because it summed up the lives of the people perfectly. It's an older pairing story, set 30+ years in the future.

Tags: !memes/quizes, character: rupert giles, fandom: buffyverse, fandom: due south, fandom: highlander, fandom: m*a*s*h, fandom: ncis, fandom: raffles, fandom: sapphire & steel, fandom: starsky & hutch, fandom: the man from u.n.c.l.e., fandom: the professionals, fandom: the sandbaggers, fanfic: general, fanfic: stories, media fandom : general, media fandom : zines, pairing (het): abby/mcgee, pairing (het): buffy/angel, pairing (het): lynley/havers, pairing (slash): bodie/doyle, pairing (slash): dalgliesh/massingham, pairing (slash): duncan/methos, pairing (slash): fraser/vecchio, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky, pairing (slash): hawkeye/bj, pairing (slash): holmes/watson, pairing (slash): napoleon/illya, pairing (slash): raffles/bunny, pairing (slash): silver/steel, pairing (slash): starsky/hutch

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  • NaBloPoMo Day 30

    30) We started the month with something funny. Send us off with something else that tickles your funny bone! Well here we are, the 30th of…

  • NaBloPoMo Day 29

    29) Are you still friends/keep in touch with your very first LJ friends? Who are they? For how long now? Indeed I do. Quite a few of my early LJ…

  • NaBloPoMo Day 28

    28) What people are you most thankful for? Why? As I pretty much answered this a few days ago, I thought I would simply share this.