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I saw today on harmon_daily that Mark Harmon is apparently due to appear in a new film Weather Girl.

Whilst it's lovely to see him in another film role, it is also more than a tad worrying that according to IMDB filming begins in January 2008.

Writers' strike aside, what does this mean for NCIS?

  • Is he going to be able to juggle both roles?

  • Or are we suddenly going to find ourselves sans Gibbs?

    I find the former difficult to believe, given how many hours a day they work on NCIS and the latter I simply do not want to believe/accept. We can't have NCIS without Gibbs; NCIS is Gibbs.

    Okay, so IMDB says that as the film is deemed to be in 'pre-production' that the data is subject to change, or could even be removed completely, but even so. It also states by his name (and indeed the entire cast) 'attached'. I don't know enough about the world of film acting to know exactly what that term means. Can anyone help, please?

    I certainly haven't heard any hint of him going on (another) hiatus, or leaving or anything like that - I know I don't follow the film/TV world, but a number of people on my flist, comms and lists do, and certainly nothing has appeared.

    Has anyone else heard anything?

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