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Nikki's Notations
A Slash Friendly Journal
I saw today on harmon_daily that Mark Harmon is apparently due to appear in a new film Weather Girl.

Whilst it's lovely to see him in another film role, it is also more than a tad worrying that according to IMDB filming begins in January 2008.

Writers' strike aside, what does this mean for NCIS?

  • Is he going to be able to juggle both roles?

  • Or are we suddenly going to find ourselves sans Gibbs?

    I find the former difficult to believe, given how many hours a day they work on NCIS and the latter I simply do not want to believe/accept. We can't have NCIS without Gibbs; NCIS is Gibbs.

    Okay, so IMDB says that as the film is deemed to be in 'pre-production' that the data is subject to change, or could even be removed completely, but even so. It also states by his name (and indeed the entire cast) 'attached'. I don't know enough about the world of film acting to know exactly what that term means. Can anyone help, please?

    I certainly haven't heard any hint of him going on (another) hiatus, or leaving or anything like that - I know I don't follow the film/TV world, but a number of people on my flist, comms and lists do, and certainly nothing has appeared.

    Has anyone else heard anything?

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    toomuchfandom From: toomuchfandom Date: 8th December 2007 13:17 (UTC) (Link)
    it's not unusual for actors to do 2 projects at the same time.

    am sure it'll all turn out fine:D

    aingeal8c From: aingeal8c Date: 8th December 2007 14:41 (UTC) (Link)
    Hmmmm indeed.

    Having nipped over to imdb the first hing I noticed was thst he's just attached, no role even mentioned. So he might not have that big a part but he's name is high on the list because he is a bigger name.

    Also I see he was attached but that the page hasn't been updated since August. As it;s in pre-production it oculd well have been hit by the writer's strike and thus might be very delayed. I guess we'll find that out in January.

    It also seems to be a small film so again it probably wouldn't require much commitment.

    I did note that the guy who is listed as writer and driector is also an actor and guest starred in an episode of NCIS a few years ago -
    The Good Wives Club (2004) TV episode .... P.O. Darrell Baum. It could well be that he met and got on with Mark Harmon who then agreed to help him out by playing a part in one of the former's small film projects.

    They do seem to be small ones, presumably the writer/cirector is doign them to keep his hand in and try to get a breakthorough, his other parts are small bit parts in TV series.

    So yes I would say nothing to worry about. Clearly MH agreed to do it before the writer's strike which may or not affect the production anyway and I doubt it will make huge demands on his time when it does happen. Might just be a day here and there. He could have even asked for a couple of days off NCIs - they could have written an episode where Gibbs doesn't have a huge role to accomodate that.
    curly_the_sue From: curly_the_sue Date: 8th December 2007 15:12 (UTC) (Link)
    I agree with the others, I don't think we have to worry that MH leaves the show. I think it is possible to juggle both roles, especially when its a small production. Maybe that means we have some episodes where gibbs is not in the centre of focus - which could mean that the Jeanne/Tony/Frog-thing is taken to another round. And when the film is in preproduction this could also mean, that the actual shooting is in the summer pause, couldn't it?
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