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More on LJ's new flag - and some news on the default setting

On lj_biz there is some clarification about some of the points raised in their post yesterday.

the_lj_herald (which is not an official LJ Comm) links to two threads in yesterdays post that make some attempt at answering the 'big' questions:

"How do we appeal the decisions made by the APT? Will we by notified by email if the APT changes our entry to 'explicit content'?"

Information on the policy document on appropriate content to be posted by next week.


Also, LJ have decided that the default search setting should be set to 'Use moderate filtering (filters explicit adult and offensive content). Thus, whenever you search LJ, entries that have been flagged with this setting will be excluded from your search results.

To change this you need to go to:

Viewing Options.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and go to the box labelled: 'Safe Search Filtering' and select your preferred option. (Don't forget to save changes).
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