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So I was wondering

Does anyone on my flist use the Message Centre as their only source of keeping a track of comments, tracked posts, etc.?

The reason for the curiosity is that recently where was a suggestion in suggestions about having a 'Delete All' button, so that to empty it you don't have to do so a page at a time. I know quite a lot of people never clear out their Message Centre, thus it always has 2,000 messages (the maximum in there).

Back in January someone else made a suggestion to the effect that we be given the option of only receiving comments only via email, only via the Message Centre, or both. You can currently opt to receive them via only Message Centre, but if you select Email, you get the message twice (once emailed to you and once in the Message Centre).

Despite great support for it, LJ decided not to implement the suggestion: This suggestion has been rejected by staff members at this time, though it may be reconsidered at a later date. It was rejected because our stance on this is that your Message Center should be keeping records of email sent to you as a fallback in case the emails do not come through. Okay, I hear what they say, but surely it's our choice if we want to risk the emails not coming through?

Anyway, that's a by-the-by, back to the main purpose of this: how do people use the Message Centre? From what I've seen around LJ, on the above two threads and other places, I've yet to come across people who only use the Message Centre. I was wondering if I just hadn't stumbled across people who do use it and only it.

I personally only use the emails. The only times I go to the Message Centre are: To clear out my messages, and to tidy up my Manage Settings.

Poll #1097214 Message Centre

Do you ONLY use the Message Centre as your source for keeping track of comments/notifications?

Yes - I don't want to clog up my computer with emails.
No - I use the emailed comments.
I have done on a rare occasion when I haven't wanted/been able to download emails to my computer.
I use it for certain type of notifications; e.g. when tracking a thread on someone else's journal, etc. I choose to only have the notifications going to the centre.
What's the Message Centre?
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