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leda_speaks, please, please, please, accept my apologies for this.

But . . .

becky_monster has shared some news about Hollis Mann.

According to: Ask-Ausiello

Question: True or false: Susanna Thompson is off NCIS. Word is, with Don Bellisario gone, producers decided to ax the Mann-Gibbs romance.

Ausiello: According to a high-ranking source in the Navy, it is true that, for the foreseeable future, Hollis Mann will be MIA on NCIS. But that's not to say she won't return at some point.

What can I say??

YIPPEE seems to sum it up perfectly. I really am so glad.

Okay, so it might not be correct (realistic pessimist here), but . . .  And it does tie in with the look of sheer hatred (J's word, yes, J, not mine) that was on Gibbs's face at the end of 'Ex-File'.

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