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Yesterday afternoon and this morning have been spent housekeeping as far as LJ and Yahoo Lists go.

I finally managed to sort out my memories into logical (well to me) categories; updated my interests, and added some banners (thanks to caffyolay's assistance).

I also got rid of more than a few Yahoo lists. I based my decision on those lists where I simply delete unread most, if not all, of the messages and/or have little interest in the subject matter any more.

So all in all I feel that I have achieved something. The only problem is that whilst updating my LJ interests, I ended up adding a few more communities ::sigh:: Am I the only one this happens to?

I also sorted my final double-stacked shelf of books, and have basically filled two-thirds of another bookcase in the process. Hmm.

So all (all, she says laughing maniacally), I have left to do is:
  • Put my MFU and DS zines into folders, label the folders, and file them away in the appropriate filing cabinet drawer. (At the moment the majority of these zines are just stacked in piles in the relevant filing cabinet drawers).

  • Go through my Pros, S&H and multi-media zines to see if there are any that I can part with.

  • Sort out my fandom cupboard and see just how many duplicates of things I managed to pick up.
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