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Gibbs/Ducky (NCIS) Stories - A-M


638 Stories
26/26 Letters

035 Pre-Slash
100 First Time
503 Established Relationship

A Child Never Forgets (Established Relationship).
A Close Call (Established Relationship).
A Cruel Mistress (Established Relationship).
A Dinner Date (First Time).
A Dog's Life (Established Relationship).
A Double Celebration (Established Relationship).
A Fake (Established Relationship).
A Final Family Christmas (Established Relationship).
A First Time For Everything (First Time).
A Fitting Tribute (The first story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
A Ghostly Tale (The seventh story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
A Good Old American Custom (Established Relationship).
A Hard Habit To Break (Established Relationship).
A Helping Hand (First Time).
A House Is Not A Home (Established Relationship).
A Lifestyle Change (First Time).
A Lifetime Of Memories (Established Relationship).
A Marked Man (Established Relationship).
A Matter Of Spelling (Established Relationship).
A Minor Transgression (Established Relationship).
A Mother Always Knows (Established Relationship).
A Mother's Secret (Established Relationship).
A New Start (Established Relationship).
A New Year (First Time).
A Patriot Still Remains (First Time).
A Peaceful Time. (Established Relationship).
A Promise Made (Established Relationship).
A Quiet Night In (Established Relationship).
A Reston House Christmas (Established Relationship).
A Roundabout Way (First Time).
A Satisfactory Conclusion (Established Relationship).
A Simple Crush (Pre-Slash).
A Small Compromise (Established Relationship).
A Smooth Transition (Established Relationship).
A Soft Touch (Established Relationship).
A Sophisticated Man (A companion piece to Amare Et Sapere Vix Deo Conceditur). (Pre-Slash)
A Sporting Chance (Established Relationship).
A Timely Lesson (A crossover with Silver/Steel). (Established Relationship).
A Woman Scorned (Established Relationship).
Abby Helps Out (Established Relationship).
Abby's Gift (First Time).
About Time Too (Established Relationship).
Accidents Can Be Good (Established Relationship).
Acting On Instinct (First Time).
Addicted To Ducky (Established Relationship).
Admitting Is Never Easy (Established Relationship).
Affirmation (A sequel to My Life). (Established Relationship).
Aftermath (Established Relationship).
Against All Odds (Established Relationship).
Ah, Jethro (Established Relationship).
All About Ducky (A sequel to Keeping Ducky Happy). (Established Relationship).
All Choices Have Consequences (First Time).
All He Has Left (Established Relationship).
All Settled (Established Relationship).
All That Remain (Established Relationship).
All Too Much (Established Relationship).
All You Have To Do Is Ask (Established Relationship).
Always Be Loved (Pre-Slash)
Always On My Mind (Established Relationship).
Always Told Them (A sequel to You Bastard). (Established Relationship).
Amare Et Sapere Vix Deo Conceditur (A companion piece to A Sophisticated Man). (Pre-Slash).
An Anomaly (Established Relationship).
An Hour Left To Live (Established Relationship).
An Independent Life (Established Relationship).
At Peace (Established Relationship).
Alluring In Black: Ducky's Story (A companion piece to Alluring In Black: Gibbs's Story). (First Time).
Alluring In Black: Gibbs's Story (First Time).
And What Have You Done? (Established Relationship).
Another Country (Established Relationship).
Another Day (Established Relationship).
Another Doctor (Established Relationship).
Another Kind Of Love (First Time).
Another Loved One Lost (Established Relationship).
Another Way Of Saying I Love You
April Fool (Established Relationship).
Arrival (A companion piece to Departure). (Established Relationship).
As If It Were Yesterday (Established Relationship).
As Long As The Moon Keeps Shining (Pre-Slash).
At First (Established Relationship).
At First He Didn't Believe (Pre-Slash). (A sequel to At First He Told Himself.
At First He Told Himself (Pre-Slash)
At First It Seemed Strange (A sequel to At First He Told Himself & At First He Didn't Believe). (First Time).
Attachment (Pre-Slash).
Avoiding Ducky (Established Relationship).
Awakening (First Time).

Back In Synch (A sequel to: This Is It and Now Or Never). (Established Relationship).
Basic Black (Established Relationship).
Be Mine (First Time).
Be Careful What You Wish For (First Time).
Because I Love You (Established Relationship).
Before His Eyes (Pre-Slash).
Beginning Of The End (Established Relationship).
Being Fortunate (Established Relationship).
Being Thankful (A companion piece to Being Fortunate). (Established Relationship)
Being There (Pre-Slash).
Belated Understanding (Established Relationship).
Belief (Established Relationship).
Believing In Magic (A sequel to Heaven And Hell). (Established Relationship).
Belonging (Established Relationship).
Beloved (Established Relationship).
Best Laid Plans (Established Relationship).
Bête Noire (First Time).
Better The Devil You Know (Established Relationship).
Better Late Than Never - Or Is It? (Pre-Slash).
Beyond A Simple Crush (A sequel to A Simple Crush). (First Time).
Beyond Reason (A sequel to Seeing Is Believing). (Established Relationship).
Beyond The Sea (First Time).
Bizarre Behavior (Established Relationship).
Bizarre Behavior Explained (A sequel to Bizarre Behavior). (Established Relationship).
Black Does Not Become Him (Established Relationship).
Blame It On The House Elves (First Time).
Boredom (Established Relationship).
Breakdown (Established Relationship).
Breakfast In Bed (A sequel to Ah, Jethro. (Established Relationship).
Breaking With Tradition (Established Relationship).
Bring Her Down (Established Relationship).
Bringing Joy (Established Relationship).
Brothers In Love (A sequel to The Past Is Never Just The Past). (A crossover with Napoleon/Illya). (Established Relationship).
But The Same (A companion piece to Different ). (Established Relationship).
By Way Of Love (Established Relationship).

Can Dreams Come True? (First Time).
Can It Be? (A companion piece to Memories Make Us (Established Relationship).
Can There Be A Happy Ever After? (First Time).
Care Taking (The second story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
Caring About Ducky (Established Relationship).
Case Closed (A sequel to Wake Up Call). (Pre-Slash).
Challenging Ducky (Established Relationship).
Charlie's Graduation (Established Relationship).
Chatterbox (Established Relationship).
Christmas Kisses (Established Relationship).
Christmas Time A Time For The Perfect Gift (Established Relationship).
Choosing Family (Established Relationship).
Cold As Ice (Established Relationship).
Cold Sweat (First Time).
Come Live With Me (Established Relationship).
Coming Home (First Time).
Coming To Terms (Established Relationship).
Confession Is Good For The Soul (First Time).
Consensus Of Opinion (Established Relationship).
Constant Endearments (Established Relationship).
Could It Be So?/a> (Established Relationship).
Countdown To A New Beginning (Established Relationship).
Counting The Cost (First Time).
Crossing Lines (Pre-Slash).
Crossroads (Established Relationship).
Cuts So Deep (Established Relationship).

Dad, Meet Ducky (Established Relationship).
Daily Meeting (Established Relationship).
Dancing Together (First Time).
Dear Dad (Established Relationship).
Dear Jethro (First Time).
Death Changes Everything (Established Relationship).
Debts Paid (Established Relationship).
Decimation (A sequel to Quietening The Storm). (Established Relationship).
Decision (A sequel to Ultimatum). (Established Relationship).
Decision Making (First Time).
Decorating Reston House (Established Relationship).
Defining Ownership (Established Relationship).
Definitions (Established Relationship).
Departure (Established Relationship).
Deserved Punishment (Established Relationship).
Destruction (Established Relationship).
Did You Think? (Established Relationship).
Different (Established Relationship).
Disassociation (Established Relationship).
DiNozzo's Discovery (Established Relationship).
Disturbed (The second part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Do Not Worry (Established Relationship).
Do You Love Me? (A sequel to I Never Knew). (Established Relationship).
Do You Think? (Established Relationship).
Does It Count? (Established Relationship).
Don't Leave It Too Late (Pre-Slash)
Don't Want To Share (First Time).
Dreamers Never Lie (First Time).
Ducky And The FBI Man (First Time).
Ducky Knows (Established Relationship).
Ducky's Dilemma (A sequel to: Not Too Old To Dream and If Wishes Were Horses). (Pre-Slash).
Ducky Explains (Established Relationship).
Ducky's Guilt (Established Relationship).
Ducky's Motivation (Established Relationship).
Ducky, Not Illya (Established Relationship).
Ducky's Secret (Established Relationship).
Ducky Takes Charge (Established Relationship).
Ducky's Surprise (Established Relationship).

Earth To Earth (Established Relationship).
Eclipsed By Courage (Established Relationship).
Eminently Satisfied (First Time).
Enough Is Enough (Established Relationship).
Even After All These Years (Established Relationship).
Except Sometimes They Do (A companion piece to The Last Time.). (Established Relationship).
Explanations (Established Relationship).
Eye Of The Beholder (Established Relationship).

Faith Not Misplaced (First Time).
Family (Established Relationship).
Family Matters (Established Relationship).
Family Secrets (Established Relationship).
Family Solidarity (Established Relationship).
Far Too Late (Established Relationship).
Fathers Know (A sequel to Family Matters). (Established Relationship).
Favorite Memories (Established Relationship).
Feelings Of Guilt (Established Relationship).
Finally (A sequel to Realization). (First Time).
Finally At Peace (Established Relationship).
Finally Letting Go (Established Relationship).
Finding A Way (First Time).
Fires Within (Established Relationship).
Five Emails The Children Never Sent (Established Relationship).
Five Stories Ducky Will Never Tell (Established Relationship).
Fixed (A sequel to Shattered Illusions). (Established Relationship).
Fools Rush In (First Time)
For Ducky (Established Relationship).
Forbidden Love (Established Relationship).
Forgiveness (Established Relationship).
Fond Memories (Established Relationship).
For Remembrance (Established Relationship).
Found (A sequel to Lost and Waiting. (Established Relationship).
Four Times Gibbs Didn't Tell Ducky He Loved Him And One Time He Did (First Time).
From Death Comes New Life (First Time).
From Sunrise To Sunset (Established Relationship).
Forget Me (Established Relationship).
Foreshadowing (Established Relationship).
Friends Make The Best Lovers (First Time).
Full Circle (Established Relationship).

Games People Play (Established Relationship).
Get Over It (Established Relationship).
Getting Rid Of Madam Director (Established Relationship).
Gibbs's Gut (A sequel to: Not Too Old To Dream and If Wishes Were Horses and a companion piece to Ducky's Dilemma). (Pre-Slash).
Given A Second Chance (First Time).
Giving Comfort (Established Relationship).
Giving Thanks (Established Relationship).
Giving Up (Established Relationship).
Going Home (A sequel to Another Country). (Established Relationship).
Guess It Was (Established Relationship).
Guilty Of Being Alive (Established Relationship).

Happiness Is Jethro (Established Relationship).
Hard To Say I'm Sorry (A sequel to Is Sorry Really Enough? and Hurt). (Established Relationship).
Hell Hath No Fury (Established Relationship).
Healing Hands (Established Relationship).
Heartfelt (Established Relationship).
Heaven And Hell (Established Relationship).
He Didn't (Established Relationship).
He Always Does (The third part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
He Can Turn Them (Established Relationship).
Here We Go A-Caroling (The eighth story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
He Made Me Believe (Established Relationship).
He Would Pay (Established Relationship).
He's A Diamond (Established Relationship).
He's Mine (The tenth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Here We Are (Established Relationship).
His Tastes (Established Relationship).
Holding On (Established Relationship).
Home Is Where The Heart Is (Established Relationship).
Hope (Established Relationship).
How? (A sequel to Hope). (Established Relationship).
How It Should Be (Established Relationship).
How It Should Have Been (First Time).
Hunting (Established Relationship).
Hurt (Established Relationship).
Hurts Felt (Established Relationship).
Hurts Not Mentioned (Established Relationship).

I Always Knew (Established Relationship).
I Believe (Established Relationship).
I Do Not Wish To Love Him (Pre-Slash).
I Don't Believe It (The eleventh part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
I Have Him (The thirteenth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
I Know How He Felt (The fourth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
I Need You/a> (Established Relationship).
I Never Knew) A sequel to Letting Go). (Established Relationship).
I Remember (Established Relationship).
I Told Them (The sixth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
I Was Mistaken (Established Relationship).
I Will Always Love You (Established Relationship).
Identity Revealed (First Time).
If (Established Relationship).
If I Could (Established Relationship).
If It Could Talk (First Time).
If Loving You Is Wrong (Pre-Slash)
If Music Be (Established Relationship).
If Not For You (First Time).
If Only You Had Told Me (Established Relationship).
If Wishes Were Horses (A companion piece to Not Too Old To Dream). (Pre-Slash)
I'll Be Around (Established Relationship)
Impossible (A companion piece to It Was In His Voice and Oh, Dear). (Established Relationship).
In His Bones ( A companion piece to: It Was Over, Quite Certain and Watching Them). (Established Relationship).
Into The Sunset (First Time).
It Was Time (Pre-Slash).
It's A Date (Established Relationship).
It's Time (First Time)
In The Beginning (Established Relationship).
In The Cards (First Time).
In The End Nothing Matters But Love (Established Relationship).
In Threes (The sixteenth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
In Your Arms (Established Relationship).
Infinity Together (Established Relationship).
Inter-Agency Politics (The second story in the Director Gibbs series). (Established Relationship).
Internal Scars (First Time).
Interrogation Room Number One (Established Relationship).
Is Love Enough? (Established Relationship).
Is Sorry Really Enough? (Established Relationship).
It Happened One Night (Established Relationship).
It Has Happened Again A prequel to Memories Make Us and Can It Be? (Established Relationship).
It Might Have Something To Do With (First Time).
It Is Raining (Established Relationship).
It Was In His Voice (Established Relationship).

Jenny's Revenge (A companion piece to: As If It Were Yesterday and Paris And Jenn Shepard). (Established Relationship).
Jethro's Surprise (Established Relationship).
Just A Game (Established Relationship).
Just Deserts (Established Relationship).
Just Let Her Try (The twelfth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Just To Do With Love (Established Relationship).

Keep Them Guessing (Established Relationship).
Keeping Ducky Happy (Established Relationship).
Keeping Faith (Established Relationship).
Keeping Your Promise (Established Relationship).
Kelly (Established Relationship).
Knowing And Loving (Established Relationship).

Lain To Rest (First Time).
Last Christmas (Established Relationship).
Learning To Trust (First Time).
Left Path (Established Relationship).
Leaving (Established Relationship).
Lessons To Be Learned (Established Relationship).
Letting Go (A sequel to If Only You Had Told Me). (Established Relationship).
Letters (First Time).
Like A Marriage (First Time).
Like Mother Like Son (Established Relationship).
Lonely This Christmas (Established Relationship).
Look Into My Eyes (Established Relationship).
Looking Beyond The Obvious (Established Relationship).
Lost (A sequel to All Too Much). (Established Relationship).
Lost And Regained (Established Relationship).
Love At First Sight (Pre-slash).
Loved Enough (Established Relationship).

Magic In The Air (Established Relationship).
Making A Mistake (Pre-Slash).
Making Amends (A sequel to >Making Ducky Think and Making Gibbs Think). (Pre-Slash).
Making Ducky Think (A sequel to Making A Mistake). (Pre-Slash).
Making Gibbs Think (A sequel to Making A Mistake and a companion piece to >Making Ducky Think). (Pre-Slash).
Making It Obvious (Established Relationship).
Making It Right Again (Established Relationship).
Making Love (A sequel to Making Amends). (First Time).
Making Time (First Time).
Many Things (Established Relationship).
Maybe (Established Relationship).
Maybe I Should (The seventh part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Memories Don't Leave (Established Relationship).
Memories Of Ducky (First Time)
Memories Make Us (A sequel to It Has Happened Again). (Established Relationship).
Memories Make Us What We Are (A sequel to Do You Love Me?). (Established Relationship).
Midnight Blue (Established Relationship).
Midnight Ramblings (Established Relationship).
Mine! (Established Relationship).
Misjudgment (Established Relationship).
Mistletoe And Mulled Wine (Established Relationship).
Misunderstandings (First Time).
Mightier Than The Sword (Established Relationship).
Mizpah (Established Relationship).
More Than Just Duty (Established Relationship).
More Than Just Sex (Established Relationship).
More Than Meets The Eye (Established Relationship).
Moving Day (Established Relationship).
My Best Friend (Established Relationship).
My Blue-Eyed Marine (First Time).
My Blue-Eyed Medic (A sequel to My Blue-Eyed Marine). (Established Relationship).
My Favorite Time Of Day (Established Relationship).
My Future (Established Relationship).
My Life (Established Relationship).
My Past (Established Relationship).
My Present (Established Relationship).
My Son's Boyfriend (Established Relationship).
My Team (The fourteenth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).

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