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Recommendation - Laptop Laidback

As someone who can't hold her laptop on her lap, I have spent some time searching for the ideal product. I do have an over-the-bed trolley, but I can never quite get comfortable enough, if one part of me is comfortable, another isn't, I also have a lap tray (the kind that sits on a bean bag like thing) and a bed tray, but again these just don't have the flexibility to allow me to be really comfortable.

Quite some time ago someone recommended a product to me, but it was only available in the US or Canada, and at the time they'd only take cheques. Now I have several American friends who I know would have helped me out, but it's one thing to ask them to post on a book/DVD, quite another when it's something large. So I continued to put up with the over-the-bed trolley and filed the other item away for future reference.

A little while ago I decided to check out the site again (and one can now use credit cards), and also to see if I could find it in the UK - and was delighted to discover that it is now available.

The item in question is something called a 'Laptop Laidback' and it's a super little adjustable table that allows you to lay/sit at virtually any and every angle on a bed, in a chair, etc. and use your laptop in comfort. It takes a while to get it 'just right' and it does help if you have someone else to help you adjust it, otherwise you need four hands to hold the laptop in place and alter the bolts/wooden arms until you get it just so.

I can fully recommend this product to anyone who can't hold their laptop on their laps, or given the weight of so many today, just prefers not to. For British folk, they can be obtained from a place called PoshPrezzies and the direct link to the item is:

Laptop Laidback - UK

And for Americans/Canadians:

Laptop Laidback - US/Canada

The service from PoshPrezzies was second to none. Delivery was super speedy and the product was well packaged and as expected. With one of those rare flukes that sometimes happen, unfortunately one of the bolt holes on one of the arms hadn't been drilled quite enough. I rang the company, fully expecting a lengthy call and to be told to send the faulty item back and they'd look at it and get around to doing something about it in a few weeks time. Not at all. The call was extremely quick, the gentleman to whom I spoke (I think it might actually be his company), courteous, professional, extremely apologetic (he doesn't make the products, they are made by the American company) and the next day a replacement arm arrived. This one was fine so I was happy. I rang the gentleman again to tell him that all was well and a day or so later I got an email asking if I'd return the faulty item so that he could in turn return it to the manufacturers. This I did and then I received another email from him with a small gift voucher for use on PoshPrezzies to compensate me for my trouble and the postage back. In this world where customer service and professionalism seems to be a forgotten art, I was extremely impressed by PoshPrezzies.
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