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As I'm in a drabble frame of mind

leda_speaks has set up a brand new 'drabble' community drabble123 where you get to claim not only a character/pairing/series but also the number of words you wish to write: traditional drabble (100 words), double drabble (200 words) or triple drabble (300 words). And you get to choose from eight different prompt tables.

So as I've been having fun recently with drabbles, I thought I'd make a claim.

No, not for Gibbs/Ducky :-) (That surprised you, didn't it *g).

Instead for Bodie/Doyle - The Professionals.

Herebe my table.


1.Fade 2.Measure 3.Excite 4. Deep 5.Unlikely
6.Out 7.Lock 8.Favour 9.Blush 10.Free
11.Perhaps 12.Time 13.Faith 14.Strange 15.Between
16.Mistaken 17.Spirit 18. Chill 19.Familiar 20.Writer's Choice

20/20 - Completed 8th March 2008
Tags: fandom: the professionals, fanfic challenge: drabble 123, fanfic challenges, pairing (slash): bodie/doyle

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