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Showing just how ::coughs:: (fill in preferred choice of word) I am

In March I made a post on prompting stories and discovered (much to my relief) that there are other people as, if not even more, anal organised than I am (waves to bjjones, who might be the only person who can understand why I do this).

Following on from some comments made on my more recent update on Fannish New Year's Resolutions Post, I decided to list the stages I go through once a story is ready for posting/has been posted.

It's quite scary.

Cut for those who really have no interest in my strange habits.

aingeal8c and toby_white_wolf, I suspect you might need to go and lie down in a darkened room after you've read this.

1. Post - the story to the fandom specific community or story-type specific community (e.g ncis_gibbsducky, rare_pair, muncle, the_safehouse, ds_closet, journalfiction).

2. Post - the link to the story (or the story if the particular community rules deem it to be thus) to the relevant Fanfic Challenge Community.

3. Update relevant Challenge Word File (example shown in the aforementioned post from March).
- Change story title colour from 'Prompted Finished Stories' to 'Prompted Posted Stories' and update the relevant numbers showing how the number of stories at each 'stage'.

4. Update relevant Challenge Excel Table.
- Title; date of posting; prompt used; rating; word count (which then automatically updates the cumulative word count).

5. Update Yearly Word Count Excel Table.
- Title; date of posting; pairing; rating; word count (which then automatically updates the cumulative word count).

6. Update Stories By Fandom Excel Table.
- Title; genre; other information (i.e. if it's a sequel, or crossover); word count  (which then automatically updates the cumulative word count).

7. Update Stories By Genre Excel Table.
- Fandom; genre of story. Cumulative totals then automatically updates.

8. Update - My Stories - Alphabetical.

9. Update - My Stories - By Genre.

10. Update - My Fanfic Challenges - Master Table.

11. Update - The relevant Fanfic Challenge Table on LJ.

12. Update - My Fanfic By Year Meme.

13. Update - My monthly fanfic links post to nakeisha.

14. Update - If the story is Gibbs/Ducky ncis_gibbsducky's monthly story links post.

15. Update - As appropriate any other monthly story links posts (e.g. rare_pair, _duckaholics_).

16a. Move individual story folder on my computer.
- From
Name of Fandom Folder - My Stories - Edited
- To
Name of Fandom Folder - My Stories - Posted

16b. Also copy the final version of the story.
- To
Fanfic (Final Versions) Name of Fandom Folder

17. Update - Partners Forever.


Hey, it works for me and it actually doesn't take as long as the above list might imply, especially if I happen to have posted more than one story at a time, as I can multi-update.

And yes, I do have a logical reason for having four separate Excel Spreadsheets (overall, not per challenge) as well as a separate Word File for each challenge. Really, I do.
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