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Story Links - August 2007

Herewith links to the stories I have written and posted other than here during August. This month all are Gibbs/Ducky

TITLE: Hard To Say I'm Sorry

SUMMARY: It's a sequel to Is Sorry Really Enough? and Hurt. Set after the 'make up' scene in Smoked. Jethro and Ducky return to Jethro's home to continue making up. However, Jethro feels he still has to explain to Ducky. An established relationship story.

TITLE: The Truth Will Out

SUMMARY: After forty years of lying to himself and others, Gibbs makes a conscious decision. Once made, he sets out to see Ducky. But he has more barriers to break down than just his own. A first time story.

TITLE: A Lifetime Of Memories

SUMMARY: Ducky has a very special anniversary gift for Jethro. Together they remember their decades together. An established relationship story.

TITLE: Time To Say Goodbye

SUMMARY: DiNozzo has a deadline to keep and a decision to make. An established relationship story.

TITLE: Accidents Can Be Good

SUMMARY: Gibbs recalls the first time he gave Ducky flowers.

TITLE: Second Best

SUMMARY: Ducky is having a birthday party at his and Jethro's home. Abby comes face to face with one of her fantasies. An established relationship story with mild implied kink.

TITLE: My Past

SUMMARY: Ducky is Jethro's past. An established relationship story.

TITLE: My Future

SUMMARY: Ducky is Jethro's future. An established relationship story.

TITLE: My Present

SUMMARY: Ducky is Jethro's present. An established relationship story.

TITLE: Does It Count?

SUMMARY: Ducky is waiting for Jethro to come home. To help pass the time he begins to examine the dictionary. An established relationship story.

Tags: fandom: ncis, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky

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