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NCIS Article in TV Guide

Thanks to my dear friend maubast, I have a copy of the TV Guide with the [Shallow moment coming] gorgeous picture of Mark Harmon on the front and inside *sighs happily* I swear he gets better looking all the time [End of shallow moment] and the NCIS article.

The article is mainly about the 'troubles of Season Four' with a few snippets for Season Five.

Other than this article I haven't seen any spoilers for the season; I never actively hunt spoilers down.

If you don't want to be spoiled don't click the LJ cut.

  • A recurring guest star is going to be found dead in the water.

    I'm hoping against hope that it's Mann. However, I strongly and more realistically suspect it will actually be either Jeanne or maybe 'The Frog' *Sigh*

  • The show's writers are going to take the characters, especially Gibbs, deeper, and we are going to learn more about 'the agent's mysterious past'. This will include meeting an ex-wife (another ex-wife???) and gaining further insight into Gibbs's complicated persona.

    *Sighs heavily* I don't want to know more about Gibbs's past, thank you very much PTB of NCIS. Part of the Gibbs-appeal (and the other characters really) is not knowing much about the past.

    We know enough about Gibbs.

    The fifth (and last?) season is also, IMHO, far too late to be giving us 'new insight and information'. Especially as it will quite probably contradict the show's own canon. And it will most definitely contradict fanon (not that the latter, or course, is of any consideration to the show's writers and I'm not saying it should be).

    Oh, well . . . I guess there isn't anything we can do about it.

    And I guess it will give us some more things to write around, thus more stories. *Finds silver lining* [Wry grin]

    Incidentally, the article can't even get it right; it talks about Gibbs being married three times - it was four!!!!

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