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A question for my Firefox using friends

I use Opera as my main and default browser and I love it. It does what I want it to in a way I want it to and is 'friendly' to use (well I think so).

However, sadly there are a few sites that won't work properly in Opera, and as such I have to resort to another browser and this has always been IE. I have tried Firefox a few times, but I've never really liked the 'feel' of it.

I know that it's possible to customise it with various extensions, and I wondered if it was possible to customise the basic layout - in particular the tool bars.

For example is it possible to:

  • Move the address box (where you type the URL)? I really do not like it on the same bar as the 'Back', 'Forward', etc. buttons. Ideally, I would like it (as in Opera) beneath the 'bookmark bar' tool bar. - Solved - thanks to solo

  • Move the tabs bar to the bottom of the page? - Solved - thanks to solo

  • Change the Google search box to a 'Find in page' search box?

    I have had a quick look through some of the various extensions and couldn't see any that related to these. Thus I thought that, as I know I have quite a few Firefox devotees on my flist, I'd ask you.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    ETA: Thanks to the very helpful solo, I now have answers and successful solutions to my first two questions. So all remains is my 'is it possible to replace the Google search with a permanent, always showing, Find in page search 'box' (for want of a better term)?
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