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Books, books and more books

Having spent the best part of yesterday morning moving fiction books around my bedroom and discovering that I had moved my Agatha Christie collection three times and it ended up in the place it started! (Ho, hum) I decided to tackle some non-fiction today. After all, what could be simpler. All you do is to shelve them according to subject, correct?

But even that isn't that simple, especially when the bookcase shelves won't co-operate. Hubby to the rescue, he kindly grovelled on the floor and moved one shelf to make the gap bigger so that I could get all my media fandom/popular culture stuff together. Fine, except then that makes another shelf lower and ..... and ..... You get the picture, I'm sure.

Then of course comes the vexed issue of why have I got x number (and we're taking double figures here and the first one isn't a 1) of books on, say, grammar and style? Do I really need that many books on that one subject, some of which contradict one another? No, of course I don't. However, I am always loathe to get rid of books, because as soon as you do, guess what? Yes, you want that particular book. Besides, some of them are part of a set and thus look 'nice' together on the shelf! No, I know, that isn't a good reason for keeping them. Do I even need half a dozen books on Windows XP, when I know that the same information is duplicated in virtually all the books? And so it goes on.

And the next question is: what books do I really need (or want) in my office? And what ones can stand on the bookcases outside my office in the hall? Now, that is a much tougher question, and one I think that can wait until I have done a cull and decided that maybe I could make do with one or two or so less grammar books, etc. We'll see.

But then, of course I'm browsing Amazon or Bibliophile, etc. and there is another book that I simply have to have. I know at least two people on on my flist (waves to caffyolay and maubast), will be nodding their heads and saying 'me too', which is reassuring.
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