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Another round of explanations about LJ's policy regarding content on LJ

I imagine that many of you will already have seen these posts, either directly on lj_biz, or via links on your flist. However, for those who aren't aware of it and wish to know the latest, here is a summary with links to the posts.

Firstly barakb25 posted about Goals And Guidelines

He says that: Our number one goal is to encourage and promote a free and open community. We will only intervene to the extent needed to avoid the site being used as a vehicle for illegal activities.

His post led to people asking for more detailed clarifications.

burr86 then posted on Illegal And Harmful Activity.

He began by saying: In the comments to Barak's previous post, we've seen many people asking for more detailed clarification regarding the content that would be prohibited under our policy on illegal and harmful activity. We have spent many, many hours discussing these issues with the staff and volunteer team, taking into consideration the points you've raised, and we thought we'd take a minute to explain further.

However, this post also led to yet more requests for further clarification.

As such burr86 followed up with More Clarifications.

He began this by saying: We're seeing a lot of confusion in the comments to our previous post. Our intention is to provide clarification, not to create concern. All it says is that things that are illegal under United States law aren't allowed here, either. (And as a note to our non-US users: yeah, we know since the laws are different, they can be really confusing to understand, and we're sorry.)

He talks about the standards LJ will be employing when 'questionable' content is reported to us.

One particular paragraphs says: Over the years, we've looked at thousands of reported journals and communities, and we rarely have come across a case of creative fiction or fanfic text that warrants review. If the content is similar in tone, context, feel, and level of explicitness to something that could be found on the shelves of a national chain bookstores, we'll take that into consideration as well.
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