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How I got into .... The Professionals

Still avoiding the edits ....

My interest in The Professionals was only ever intended to be an academic one. That was nearly four years ago, and I seem to be more heavily involved than ever. I was writing my Masters Degree dissertation on Media Fandom and wanted to focus on two television shows in particular. One was easy: Starsky & Hutch , the show through which I first found fandom, and I decided that I wanted the other to compare and contrast with this show. Now being British and having thoroughly enjoyed The Professionals as a young teenager, it seemed logical to go for this show. Therefore, I did.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I purchased all the videos, and was amazed at how much I actually recalled from all those years ago, did a lot of background research and delved into fanfic, both on the web and in zines. However, I kept telling myself, ‘this is NOT a fandom; I don’t need another one’. So even when I found that I was scribbling down story ideas (yes, when I should have been writing my dissertation, which I did complete successfully and on time), I was still in denial. It was actually my husband who enquired one day as to why I needed all fifty-seven episodes just for a bit of research, that I had to admit to myself that, without any help from me, The Professionals had become a fandom - and by that time had surpassed Starsky & Hutch in my affections - oops.

So I did some ‘confessing’ to my S&H friends, made two of them, who were also Pros fans very happy, and I’ve never looked back. I believe that I’ve been fortunate insofar as I haven’t lost any of my real S&H friends, instead I’ve just added new ones. I now have the DVDs, more zines than I care to think about, folders (both computer based and ‘real’ ones) galore full of stories (my own and other peoples’), pictures, information, memorabilia, etcetera, and my love for Bodie and Doyle is still deep and intense.

As a teenager my preference was for Bodie, simply because I have always liked well-dressed men, and in the earlier episodes W.A.P. Bodie was more often in a suit and tie or other smart clothes than anything else, compared to his partner, Raymond Doyle, who lived in skin-tight clothes and nearly always looked scruffy. When I became reacquainted with the boys and the show, I realised that although I still much prefer a smartly dressed man, for me Ray Doyle was now my preferred character. It’s a close call, however, as I do love Bodie - in fact for me to enjoy a slash relationship I have to like both partners either the same or almost equally - just not as much as Doyle.

My all time favourite slash episode has to be Hunter Hunted , and other slash favourites are: The Need To Know, The Ojuka Situation and Mixed Doubles . A favourite episode in which they both looked simultaneously gorgeous for one part of it at least is: The Female Factor which has both Bodie and Doyle in tuxedos - heaven.

My pairing, in case it isn’t obvious :-) is Bodie/Doyle, and I have no interest in either of them with anyone else. I love George Cowley, for me he is as much a part of the show as Bodie and Doyle are, and I believe that the show would be weaker without him. However, I have no interest in slashing him with either of the boys - I do rather like the idea of him and Elizabeth Walsh (Spy Probe) as a couple, she’d be good for him.

I write quite a lot of stories; all, apart from the odd little story in my LJ, for zines, and get a great deal of pleasure out of thinking up plots and concepts, and putting the characters into various situations.
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