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Blinks. Blinks again. Huh?

Ponders whether the cast of NCIS actually read the scripts for the episodes in which they act.

I'm cutting it for possible spoilers for Season Three (and one for Season Four)

As seen on

(My underlining).

Lauren looks for love on screen
2.15, Sun Jun 24 2007

Actress Lauren Holly is hoping for an on-screen romance with Mark Harmon in the American crime-busting series NCIS.

The fourth series has just begun, and Lauren has discovered her character Jenny Shepard may have had an affair with Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark.

According to Lauren, the Naval Criminal Investigation Service team's private lives are just as eventful as their work.

Lauren said: "Before I was an agent, it seems I might have had a love affair with Gibbs.

"I want our characters to be romantically involved again because I like doing those scenes with Mark."

We still do not know if they will get it on or not.

Er. Um. How do I put this? Where were you during Season Three????

- Paris flashbacks.
- Lots of references to your affair.
- All dewy eyes and 'Jethro what shall I do?'

I can only assume that despite the date this interview is actually an old one, that she gave just before Season Three aired.

*Hopes that she doesn't get her wish.*

*Ponders whether she and Gibbs is preferable to Mann and Gibbs.*

Shakes head and blinks some more.

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