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R2 NCIS Season Three DVDs

Are finally in my hands *bounce* Thank you

Okay, so it isn't my favourite season overall. Nonetheless I'm really pleased to finally have it here, and it does contain the wonderful scene where Ducky in canon calls Gibbs 'my dear Jethro' *bounces again*

And it has extras!!!!! I know that R1 folk will be wondering why I'm making a issue of this but, the previous two seasons haven't had extras. Now, I'm not usually an 'extras' person, it's rare that I watch them or bother about them, but this is one show where I have missed not having them.

And of course the cover . . .

What can I say? It's the picture of them in their DJs and smart dresses; as a lot of my flist know, men dressed up (especially in DJs) really does it for me.

*Drools over large picture of MH in his DJ*

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