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A recommendation for my fellow chronic pain sufferers

I know I have several fellow chronic pain sufferers on my flist, some of whom do not went to take prescription pain-medication others, like me, who still have pain despite taking more than one type. I have a non-prescription remedy to recommend to you.

It's Rose Hip.

We when ordered other vitamins a few months ago we were sent a free supply. As neither of us knew what it was meant to do, we looked it up and saw that it was meant to be good for relieving pain. So as it was free, I thought I'd give it a go. I'd tried other such things to supplement the various prescription meds I'm on, but nothing had worked, so I wasn't that hopeful.

However, at the end of the second/third week of taking it (these things always take a while to get into the system), I noticed a difference. I take it in tablet form, two a day. (It was three a day for the first few weeks).

No, my pain hasn't vanished completely, but the rose hip has definitely made a difference, a small one, but a noticeable one. And as any chronic pain sufferers will know, even a little improvement can make a huge amount of difference.

A friend of Mother's, who suffers from osteoarthritis has tried it, following my recommendation, and she too has noticed a difference.

It is meant to be of particular benefit for people who suffer from  joint pain and osteoarthritis, but it has also been used to treat headaches, dizziness and bladder infections. So if you do suffer from chronic pain, particularly chronic joint pain, it might well be worth giving it a go. It's not going to work for everyone, these things never do, but it's made enough of a different to me to want to recommended it to others.
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