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One of those icon memes

Snaffled from becky_monster

Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it's interesting to you, what significance does it have.

Okay . . . Well I have ::coughs:: 138 and no, it isn't enough. I confess, I'm an icon-junkie.

My very first Gibbs/Ducky icon made for me by my dear friend maubast. Significance? Gibbs/Ducky = Love. Bast isn't really into NCIS as a fandom, although she does love Ducky/Abby as a couple, thus her making it for me makes it all the more special.

I made myself a set of Seasons Icons, and this one is the Summer one. I chose the picture because I love water, and in particular the sea, and I love blues.

Oh, look another Gibbs/Ducky icon. This was made for me by crimson_37; and it's a manipulation of a photograph, so it's 'unique' in that respect. As Mel, like Bast, isn't into NCIS, her going to the trouble to make this, makes the gift extra warming.

Animated Ducky. This was of my very first attempts at making an animated icon (this was made via a website that allows you do animation, and do other things). It's not brilliant, but I have a soft spot for it, firstly because it's one of my first attempts (not that I've improved I really *will* install PSP) but also because it allows me to have four pictures of dear Ducky and only use one icon slot.

The NCIS logo. What can I say? It's my main fandom, and it's a good icon to use when I'm posting episode reviews or other general non-Gibbs/Ducky-centric NCIS posts.

Ah, it's yet another Gibbs/Ducky one. This was another of my 'firsts'. It was one of my first attempts at any kind of photo manipulation, as the images used come from two completely different pictures. Because my 'joining' together wasn't (still isn't I *will* install PSP) brilliant, I needed to make the edges softer, so that the join couldn't be seen. When I'd done that it had a kind of hazy feel, so the words just seemed to fit. I don't use this icon a great deal, but it is very useful for angsty-fics.

La. La. La. This is getting embarrassing (I guess given the amount of G/D icons I have, it's kind of to be expected). This is an actual screen cap, kindly sent to me by the_haunt from a scene in 'The Curse', and is pretty much the only time (the whole S4 thing aside) when Gibbs and Ducky at talking at cross purposes. In an attempt to get Ducky's attention, Gibbs pulls him into this one armed hug and all but drags him (taking great care to support him I hasten to add) across Autopsy. The words just seemed to fit :-)

Maybe I could pretend I can't count. Okay, another screen cap, this from 'Yankee White', when Gibbs is kneeling next to the corpse. I used this cap for the first ncis_gibbsducky graphics challenge, and the words just seemed so logical given that Gibbs was on one knee in front of Ducky. This is one icon I'd really like to improve and move Gibbs a little nearer and generally 'tart it up'. (I know, I know, install PSP, Nikki).

Yes, a non-Gibbs/Ducky one (although it does still have a Gibbs link). Made by the incredibly talented eyesthatslay, who is one icon maker (I have several on my flist, not to mention those not on my flist) with whose icons. who I could easily fill up all 138 places and still be looking for more. It fits me because I do enjoy my black no-sugared coffee with breakfast and as I've said more than once, that I really shouldn't do things before I've had it. It also ties in with Gibbs because he's addicted to the stuff - and I'm sure his is far stronger than mine.

An icon made by jiatra, whom I believe I discovered via caffyolay. I'd been looking for a picture of mountains and there was something about this one that appealed to me and drew me in. It's one of my generic non-fandom icons that I can use for general posts.

This lovely icon was made by sally_maria and offered up for snaggling, so I did. I love rainbows, and this one is particularly nice, as you can see all the colours clearly. It's one of my generic non-fandom icons that I can use for general posts.

Yes, Gibbs/Ducky again :-) This one was made by the very talented toomuchfandom; she's another of my friends whose icons could fill all of my slots. She is a Gibbs/Ducky fan and as well as gorgeous icons, she writes great stories, makes songvids and does some super photo manipulations. A multi-talented young lady; I'm so glad that one of her icons was one of the ones this meme brought up. I honestly can't remember whether this was an actual scene, i.e. they really were that close, of if Anita manipulated the picture. Given that they have no concept of personal space when around one another, it could quite easily be the former.

And last but by no means least a teddy bear icon. I love teddy bears and have quite a large collection of them (and other stuffed animals), and this one (not one of mine) looks so cheeky and happy that I had to make him into an icon.

I am off to the dentist - again - shortly for the follow-up appointment post-crown fitting. It's not good news; there is definitely something wrong with it *sigh* It's really painful when I eat, the jolting kind of pain, and over the last couple of days it's started to throb generally, and so have the teeth around it. Argh!!! I really could do without this. I think it is just the back part of it that's a tad long, so I'm hoping that she might be able to file it down a little, I'm not sure given that it's not an actual tooth, but fingers crossed, please, she can as I really do not want to go through the whole mould taking session again.
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